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Wedding Cake persy Rosin Sauce is a type of Indica that produces a persuasive sweetness with an earthy flavor.

Stoners surplus shop online offer High quality weeding cake persy Rosin at affordable rates. We know the value of quality and go an extra miles to provide our clients in uk, USA and Europe as a whole with the finest quality of this 710 rosin from our shop



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Weeding cake Persy Rosin sauce fresh out the oven, smells exactly like the name and smokes even better. Weeding cake flowers are some of the best around specifically for the terps . And we only use flower that’s what makes our Rosin stand out the best. Price reflects quality so don’t sleep hit up our website online and get your stuff ship directly to your location without any problems. Come on in you all the terps are really fine. Not all strains wash, cure, or whip the same. That’s why our lab is always working 24/7 on new test mixes to bring you the finest Rosin products, so make sure you tap in to get the best treat.


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Weeding Cake Persy Rosin Sauce may be a form of Indica that produces a persuasive sweetness with an earthy flavor. This excellent Weeding Cake Persy Rosin Sauce from our shop  is Squished solely from the best spectrum of trichomes from the primary wash producing a very flavorful solventless extract. this kind of our Persy options a separation of terpenes into a liquid and crystallization of THCa into solid crystals, then recombined into your jar.

The dab from our shop provides a therapeutic vape for those feeling a tad bit anxious or stressed. best-known for increasing the enjoyment of some night-time activities, the strain’s result helps both the newly-wed and nearly dead enjoy a brand new take on their marital relationship. This is an excellent and euphoric concentrate that will help relaxes the mind and sedates the body . Pink Cookies, also referred to as wedding cake, is reportedly a cross of Cherry Pie and GSC (also referred to as girl scout Cookies).

Rosin is a full spectrum , cannabis concentrate made from flowers or hash. Our rosin is produced by processing fresh frozen flower into hash , which is then pressed through a fine mesh to remove impurities. The reason behind using fresh frozen flower instead of cured flower is in preserving as much of the terpenes as possible, many of which boil off at room temperature.

Our rosin is made in a climate controlled surroundings to preserve taste and Smell. we tend to utilize ultra refined ice and water, resulting to a contaminant free product. available in fresh press or cold cure batter.

About this weeding cake strain from which the persy rosin is extracted, its a rare composition created by the seed junky genetics. The L.A. primarily based Jungle Boys named wedding cake due to its sparkling resin and vanilla cake ice aroma.

This excellent strain took home first prize for the best hybrid flower at the 2018 SoCal High times cannabis cup.

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  1. James Hubbard II

    I have purchased Weeding Cake Persy Rosin Sauce online a few days ago. From product quality to rate, everything was superb!

  2. Hooper jones

    I really enjoyed this rosin. The delivery service is superb. I have use this strain for weeks now and this helped me relaxed body and mind.

  3. Romeo Tamez

    By far the best rosin strain I have ever purchased online! I can say with full confidence this is great and I am highly impressed with its rate too. Will be shopping again

  4. Ko sk8

    The high was pretty amazing and I will recommend.

  5. Ben Rick

    Allow me to channel my anxiety in to productive tasks instead of worry. Very relaxing and rewarding.

  6. Kavien H.

    Great service good product enjoyed the Hash!! Looking forward to purchasing again.

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