Madonna kush shatter

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Effects of Madonna shatter strain:
An instant uplifting clear minding high after you take in this shatter strain. It wakes you up then give you a nice relaxed body with giggles afterwards

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Madonna kush shatter strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that leaves you sedated and happily ready for sleep. Madonna kush shatter strain is a cross between Rockstar weed strain and OG Kush. Mainly Indica, this 90/10 hybrid has a touch of Rockstar’s amazing mental alertness, but the main sensation is a very relaxed euphoria. Madonna strain is excellent to relief insomnia, physical pain relief, and depression and other mood related issues. Overall an excellent shatter strain to relax on the couch and watch football on weekends.

Many marijuana users in both in California, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and others, hold shatter as their concentrate of preference because while it is an extract product, it is known to preserve the flavors and taste of the original plant. Because what makes good shatter is the finished product being pure, solid, and stable, our dried marijuana is actually an ideal starting material for shatter extractions. Unlike other concentrates from our shop, there is no agitation involved because all the compounds need to remain combined in order to culminate in a finished product that is a consistent, transparent sheet of shatter

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4 reviews for Madonna kush shatter

  1. Arthur Holly

    Very happy with their customer service and the Madonna kush shatter I ordered. They also provided me super fast delivery. You have won a customer for life surely and I will recommend to all my friends.

  2. Andrew Gonzalez

    I got my delivery on the exact date. Great service. Love It. The high was really exciting.

  3. Stack or starve

    Madonna kush shatter I have ordered recently is superb. The rate is affordable, and the quality is also great! Poor customer service

  4. Cam Clark

    Very good quality shatter strain. Excellent for Relaxing! relieved my back pain. Great services as well

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