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Gorilla Dosha #3 | Persy Live Rosin | Indica Dominant Hybrid | GG4 x Dosido | 1g | Bred in house by 710 labs, gorilla Dosha could be a strain covered in superbly clean rosin with a sweet earthy and cookie flavor. gorilla Dosha #3 features a strong striking high that may induce couchlock.

THC: 76.40%

Taste & Smell : Earthy, fruity, Nutty, sweet

Effects : Happy, Hungry, sleepy, Dry Eyes



Gorilla Dosha Persy Rosin online.


Gorilla Dosha persy Live Rosin on the web. This Gorilla Dosha Persy Rosin here is something to remember. Perfect full spectrum weed concentrate with an Earthy diesel flavor and that super power to back it up. This excellent concentrate from our shop is coming out super proper and really good for all our true connoisseurs .This Persy Rosin packs a heavy punch , coming in at 42% . Appreciate the feedback from everyone that’s gotten to try this very special Rosin concentrate from our website. Tap in with us if you need other weed concentrates products online. Our team is always working 24/7 to make sure you all receives the best customer service when it comes to shopping from our website. Any and all dabbing related content is welcome. Whether it be a new flavor of concentrate, a new rig, questions, or discussion welcome it all.


About ; Gorilla Dosha Persy Rosin


Gorilla Dosha  persy Live Rosin is a full spectrum concentrate with an earthy diesel flavor.  Gorilla Dosha   persy Live Rosin is great for a night times on the couch or in a long hot bath, which might help if you get stuck with the stuffed up side effects. Dosha #3 rosin has a strong hitting high that can induce couchlock.

About this Hybrid strain from which this resin is extracted, the indica-dominant cannabis strain Gorilla Dosha is bred by crossing two highly sought-for strains. GG #4 and Do Si Dos.

Moreover, as a result of gorilla Dosha’s Rosin slow onset effects tends to sneak up, it have been warned to require caution once making ready a serving because of its potency. Taking tiny and controlled doses carefully may scale back the risk of being utterly “couch-locked” and lethargic as within the rosin too as users tend to agree.

Medically ,Gorilla Dosha has been counseled by some of our customers to assist with sleep disorder, appetite, and stress.

To conclude with, If you’re trying to find high-quality live Rosin in uk and Europe as a full, then it will be advisable to remain here. Our Dispensary is one among the reputed suppliers of the huge collection of live Rosin online. We all know the worth of quality and go an additional miles to produce our purchasers with the best quality.

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6 reviews for Gorilla Dosha persy Live Rosin

  1. Antonio corwin

    I have been looking for Gorilla Dosha persy Live Rosin for a long time. Seriously, it is a great medicinal product. Prompt customer service and delivery. I will buy it again.

  2. Lilla. R Bret

    The Gorilla Live Rosin I ordered from stoners surplus shop help me realize cannabis help to manage my anxiety, so naturally, I am a fan of this Rosin and will come back for more.

  3. Lourd Louise.L

    Hey stoners surplus shop, just to say I appreciate what you are doing, I mean the hard work, in fact you have one of the best online dispensary services, so do not stop for any reason . Peace and one love

  4. Plug Fros

    Was not really impressed with the customer service! Delivery was too slow which made me lose some of my clients! I hope this company arrange this next time or else I won’t continue shopping again! About the product quality it was really excellent as always!

  5. Chris

    Out of all rosin strains I have in my opinion, this has to be the best looking and best tasting. Amazing strain highly recommended 🔥

  6. Jessy Martinez

    Awesome if you want to consider to be relaxed and enjoy a nice atmosphere then this is the best rosin strain you’ll need I’m 50 years old and I have smoked some great rosin in my time and I have to say I like this site. I’m a loyal customer for life.

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