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Introducing Gorilla Cake Live Resin: Extracted from the same material as the flower – This Live Resin tests extremely high in terpenes, at 10.92% and loaded with rare minor cannabinoids such as CBDv. The terpene profile is inherited from the flower, with a sour berry profile with undertones of skunk. It’s high in Terpinolene (1.04%), Myrcene (2.21%), & Farnesene (2.44%).
Buy at discounted prices – volume discounts are shared across ALL concentrates in our store. 1 gram- Live Resin Vape Cartridge. Filled in an All Ceramic cartridge with no metals to create a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Our Gorilla cake live resin online Contains purely Live Resin extract. NO ADDITIVES, NO MCT/VG/PG etc

Make sure you use our Gorilla cake live resin with a high quality battery such as Yocan Uni Pro. The thicker consistency requires adjustable voltage and/or preheating of the cartridge to function properly.

Hydrocarbon extract
Total CBD: 60.40%

CBDV: 2.06%

CBC: 3.21%

CBL: 2.07%

CBG: 1.34%

THCA: 2.75%

Total Cannabinoids: 80.17%

Total Terpenes: 10.92%


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Gorilla Cake Live Resin For Sale Online

The same substance that is the Flower. Live Resin is extremely high in Terpenes, with 10.92 percent, and is packet with rare minor cannabinoids, such as CBD. The terpenes profile is inherited from the flower, and has a an sour berry-like profile, with notes of Skunk. It’s high in Terpinolene (1.04%), Myrcene (2.21%), & Farnese (2.44%).1 Gram in Gorilla  Live Resin. This product is compatible with the Puffcorn concentrate vaper. Cake Live Resin Sauce is a slender concentrate that was created by Gorilla Cake Resin Sauce, which is an Indica dominant hybrid of Gorilla Glue with Wedding Cake, this live resin sauce gives a doughy palate that has a sweet-pine and spicy odor. Gorilla Live Resin Sauce is enhance with its earthy sweet as well as a spicy exhale. Our live Gorilla cake concentrates have teste to ensure conformity to California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.

Gorilla Cake (I/H) – Live Resin – Nomad

If there’s one thing Gorilla Cake knows how to do, it’s crank out some seriously delicious doughnuts. And their newest offering, the Gorilla Cake Live sauce, is no exception. This live resin doughnut is create by infusing cake dough with a syrupy mixture of plant-based cannabis extract and essential oil, which gives it that unmistakable psychoactive kick.

The Gorilla Cake Live  starts off with a soft and fluffy cake base that’s infuse with cannabis extract and essential oils. This combination gives the doughnut a strong psychoactive kick that will leave you feeling elevated and euphoric. The end result is a delicious and Nutritious doughnut that will definitely satisfy your cravings for something sweet.

Gorilla Cake Live Sauce

Gorilla Cake Live is a new product that you can add to your cake decorating repertoire. This live resin is perfect for creating lifelike details on cakes. This tool is easy to use and easy to clean up, so it’s perfect for cake decorators. You can create realistic facial features, hair, and even predator eyes on your cakes with Cake Live Resin.

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7 reviews for Gorilla Cake Live Resin For Sale

  1. Ethan Jacobs

    We are satisfied. At this rate, it’s the best indica I’ve ever had. Doesn’t look me in my couch! I am very pleased with my purchase and wish that I would have found them earlier!

  2. Raymond James

    Amazing product, I must say! this website also provided me with quick delivery service. For Gorilla cake live resin , I’ll give them a 5 Star and will order from them again.

  3. Hunter Brooks

    I had an idea about this world -famous cannabis concentrates already. I have placed an order for this resin recently. And I am happy with the product quality and customer service

  4. Toon Gritty

    My favorite resin strain ever! Hits instantly and taste great. I think I over paid for it but it’s still worth it for me . It does wonders for my pain issues! Highly recommended

  5. Jeffrey

    By far my favorite strain. I have a racing mind and it takes that away allowing me to sleep I also stop taking pain meds and get relief since I started shopping from this company.

  6. Andrew Verston

    This resin strain has been nothing short of a miracle for me , makes me feel like I woke up on a vacation in a sunny beach 🏖. For me, it’s a perfect strain for partying, meditating and creativity.

  7. Armando Pina

    Perfect blend of sour/ fuel of the glue and sweetness of the cake. Strong high but not too sedating. I love this strain. Great for evening use.

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