Cannabis Trainwreck Crumble

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Parents: Trainwreck, lemon Diesel
Similar to: Tangerine, lemon pie, Enigma OG
Flavors: lemon, Citrus, Earthy
Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy
Medical: insomnia, Depression, pain, Anxiety
Potency: 65-75% THC



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Information on Cannabis Trainwreck crumble

Cannabis Trainwreck Crumble is made from high quality Lemon Trainwreck cannabis crops utilizing solventless extraction methods to provide you with the clean and pure medical grade quality product you deserve. This concentrate is made from a flower strain with a Sativa dominant lineage that help provides a balance of yet intense body head high. The flower strain is used by many cannabis patients in so many cannabis communities due to its consistency at providing relief from insomnia, pain and inflammation. Lemon Trainwreck crumble can be enjoyed by itself in your favourite dabbing device, or within joints and edibles.

About this Trainwreck strain itself;

This great strain is a superb sativa-dominant hybrid flower of cannabis with spicy taste reminiscent of pepper. Like many Sativa hybrids flower strains, this excellent strain provides a very intense cerebral high with effects that are mood enhancing and euphoric. The strain is Also used to alleviate chronic joint aches and muscle stiffness.

Furthermore, this strain was supposedly the creation of two Californian brothers back in the late 1970s. This great strain is a mix of three other strains and include

Moreover, even with its Indica effects intact, Trainwreck still provides a mostly-Sativa high with ADHD, PTSD and stress most often listed as its top medical uses.

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What you need to know about crumble

Concerning this weed concentrate, crumble is also referred to as honeycomb wax. This great concentrate is therefore a weed extract identify by its malleable texture that falls apart. It’s simply an exact form of cannabis concentrate produced using a solvent such as butane or C02 in combination with heat, and pressure.
Unlike other cannabis concentrates such as Budder, shatter, Wax and resin, crumble is quite versatile. This weed concentrate is not only limited to dabbing as you can also use other great methods such as adding to joints, blunts, or even through pipes such as the Snoop Dogg Battleship water pipe

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5 reviews for Cannabis Trainwreck Crumble

  1. Adam Trainor

    The best cannabis website I’ve ever seen online! I order Cannabis Trainwreck Crumble from here almost every month. Packages always arrives on time and the product quality is really a top one. Really impressive!

  2. Jonathan Davis

    This particular crumble strain hit me so hard! I am in love with this item! I feels so enjoyable to experience this product under a flower vaporizer. Of course, I should mention its strain varieties as well.

  3. Josh Ebner

    This great crumble strain is one of the most effective to treat all described above. Straight to the head, melts away any head and neck tension. Relieves my inflammation due to scleroderma! Makes you feel self aware and keeps you in the present moment to create , read or watch tv.. I always use it too for meditation. Highly recommended!

  4. Jacob Hawkins

    Great for feeling sweet and not care about everyday problems. This crumble strain works wonders for my anxiety and joint pain. I’ll spark when ever I need to focus on a project or just to chill around with friends too.

  5. Kevin G

    This is my favourite shop online to buy hash stuff. Shipping always fast and safe.

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