Migvapor Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

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Deliver the ultimate vaping statement with this superior vape mod from Mig Vapor. An incredible 100 watt, 3000 mah battery with a spring-loaded 510 connector give maximum life and power with minimal size, while the Morpheus 3 ML vape tank shows off with its sleek design and lightweight carbon fiber body. A stainless steel Morpheus tank mouthpiece with built-in airflow control adorns the mod, complimenting your choice of black or silver coloring on the body. For maximum customization, both .4 and .2 ohm coils are available for sub-ohming. Regardless of which coil you choose to use, the Morpheus Mod will instantly readjust to give the perfect vaping power output. Furthermore, to ensure maximum battery life, Mig includes a pack of multicolored rubber seals to protect your battery’s body through its lifetime.



Migvapor vape mod kit online. Migvapor vape mod kit is a sporting battery life and power that never ends. Its thank hold more than enough e-liquid, ensuring long lasting flavorful vapes seshes. With its superb chic design paired with a lightweight carbon fiber body, the morpheus vape mod kit brings a new level of class to so many stoners in most cannabis communities  The Mig vapor Morpheus vape mod kit is one of the most powerful sub ohm kit to date. With 100 watts of power and capable of using either .2 or .4 ohm coils this mod produces more vapor than you’ll need but it’s there if you desire it!  The morpheus has up to 3 mL tank , the perfect size for those who enjoy changing up their flavors. And this device is quality. Sporting a stainless steel Morpheus tank mouthpiece that allows incredible air flow. Compatible with all vape oil refills listed on stonerssurplus shop . Also, small puffs of vapor are non-existent with this superb morpheus. Its hits excellent and the vapor production from this mod is unreal, providing the vaping experience of a lifetime that can easily be taken anywhere. However, just because it is portable doesn’t mean its battery is weak. These superb mods are sporting a supercharged 3000 mah battery as already noted above that last an insane period of time on just one charge. Since the mig vapor company was closed and soled out, we now get most of our superb mods to supply our clients with from the direct source which is no other company than the vaporfi which sales the best liquid inhale solutions.

How to use the migvapor vape mod kit

Using morpheus means getting perfect smoke every time smoothly. Stoners surplus shop online offer high quality of the morpheus products online which doesn’t disappoint. This is to make sure our clients in most cannabis communities smoke smoothly without any issues. The tastiest smokes are found through the mouthpiece of the vape mod. Just looking at the stainless steel morpheus tank mouthpiece with airflow control, it is easy to see how this device is going to hits by following the below steps for beginners.

Firstly, all you need to do is hold the fire button down while you draw the vapor from the mouthpiece.
As you you inhale with medium effort, not too hard, but about 8-10 seconds, the E- liquid and oil vape tank will put off the vapor almost immediately.
Furthermore, open mouth and breath in the vapor to your lungs ( don’t swallow)
Lastly, exhale after vapor is in your lungs.

Question:How do you fill a mod ?

Achieving the most airflow for your buck has never been easier with the morpheus. This device is bringing a whole new level of airflow to the vaping industry. With this being said, it is easy to see how much this benefits the device’s vapor production. More airflow means more vapor and with this extra cloud thickening ability, it is easy to control how bold the flavor is going to be . In other to get more smoke out of this mod, you will need to follow the below steps

. Firstly, you need to refill your top-fill tank; start by removing it from the body of your cig mod.
. Secondly, unscrew the base and carefully remove the coil.
. Also, unscrew the top of the tank to add your E-liquid
. Lastly, reassemble your tank and screw all the pieces back together tightly.

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  1. Brain mason

    After hearing a lot of good things about Migvapor Morpheus Vape Mod Kit, I purchased it from this trusted store. The vape quality is great! I will recommend.

  2. Zambe Hodson

    Some truly nice products on this website! The most excellent Migvapor Morpheus Vape Mod Kit I’ve ever bought. I am saying it from personal experience.

  3. Oliver tessa

    I am really enjoying my Migvapor Morpheus Vape with its mild flavor ! It is also easy to clean . Battery charging was not as long as I feared ! I will recommend to friends and family.

  4. David D.

    this is a great vape. everything about this great product is quality. conduction heating, adjustable temps, cant beat it.

  5. Agis Hp.

    Good product

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