Snoop Dogg Battleship Water Pipe

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Glass Thickness: 5.0mm
. Joint size: 14.5mm
. High-quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass
. Perfect for both herbs and waxy concentrates
. Flared angled mouthpiece
. Honeycomb disc percolator
. Two tornado disc percolators
Fixed reinforced downstem with 14.5mm male joint
. Female 14.5mm herb bowl with roll stopper handle
. Female 14.5mm vapor dome with handles and nail female 14.5mm quartz bucket
. Comes with glass pounds dab tools
. Black glass accents throughout
. Black decal on body
. Thick stable circular foot
. Comes in a decorative box

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Snoop Dogg Battleship Water Pipe online. Snoop Dogg Battleship Water Pipe might just be Snoop’s best yet. From the Snoop Dogg x Famous Brandz POUNDS collab, there’s no novelty quality to this hard-hitter. It’s crafted from top-notch 5mm thick borosilicate glass with an extra thick base and reinforced joint for a practically-immortal level of durability. Perfect for both dry herbs and waxy concentrates, the pipe kit includes a female dry herb bowl, a female vapor dome with handles and nail, and an impressive female quartz bucket–each fitted for the 14.5mm male joint. As your material is transformed, it’s both cleansed and cooled through two tornado disc percs (that double as splash guards!) and one thorough honeycomb perc before ascending through the comfortably angled neck for aah-worthy inhales. This drool-worthy design comes in equally remarkable packaging that makes it great for gifting (to a friend or yourself for a midweek pick-me-up!). It also includes a high quality borosilicate glass wax tool. PLEASE NOTE: Decal colors are chosen at random. This snoop Dogg battleship water pipe measures about 12.5 inches tall from flared base to the top of the sidecar neck mouthpiece

This water pip also has a highly honeycomb disc perc in the middle which uses a multitude of tiny holes to diffuse your smoke and get things bubbling. The three percolator disc provide an unmatched, powerful filtration to each rip before your smoke spirals up the straight tube and in to the angled sidecar neck mouthpiece. Not only the process mesmerizing to watch, but resulting smooth hit always full of flavor and easy on the throat and lungs. The angled sidecar neck at the top of the water pipe, gives this piece some extra style while working as both an effective splash guards to prevent the backsplash of water from reaching your lips , and keeping your face away from the flame of your torch or lighter. stoners surplus shop online offer high quality snoop Dogg battleship water pipe which doesn’t disappoint, We know the value of quality and we therefore go an extra miles to provide our clients in uk, USA, and Europe as a whole with the finest quality of this pipe to make sure they smoke smoothly

Question: How does the water pipe work?

Filled the Snoop Dogg battleship water pipe up with water just below the bottom vortex disc.
Also, adjust the water level to your liking! Heat quartz bucket or nail until hot enough , then after that, replace dome if using the quartz nail, then apply your concentrates to the bucket or nail as you draw.

Question: How to maintain snoop dogg battleship water pipe?

The Battleship water pipe and its components can be cleaned up with isopropyl alcohol

10 reviews for Snoop Dogg Battleship Water Pipe

  1. Charles Jackson

    Really a good Bong! A bit pricey, but you can’t beat a long period of warranty. Snoop Dogg Battleship water pipe is hands down the best multi use bong water pipe I have ever come across. I can even vape through this beast using my storz & Bickel . The best I have ever had in lifetime I will recommend you to anyone looking to buy quality bongs online! Keep up the good work and do not slow down.

  2. Jaycee

    Wonderful product! You can’t find a deal for this price . So many pieces along with this banger pipe. It’s really hard to knock over, angled mouthpiece, 3 percs, and plenty of 14m pieces for all set ups. Highly recommend and will be coming back for more with friends.

  3. Carl Torrez

    Awesome sturdy and full of smoke. Good shape and color too! Delivery was fast and efficient

  4. Brain Ray

    Very easy to use! Hits like a truck. Ordered it for travels

  5. Max Alexander

    This particular bong is everything this website explains it is, it’s tough for me to clean but so are most bongs. Concerning the customer service, it is 💯 legit no cap

  6. Jeff stolz

    Great size and draw with a nice bubbly filtered sound. Easier than most to clean and priced right.

  7. Adam Hansen

    Great experience! Love the customer service too! I’ve been using this piece as my everyday for couple of weeks now and I love it. Super smooth hits, moderately easy to clean and nice sturdy weight. Will be spending more on my next order immediately as I am done with my clients because I still have some 5 pieces left with me . Wish Stoners surplus marijuana shop was base in Italy.

  8. Allen Newell

    I think that this product is pretty good just did not like the fact that when I received my package and opened it up 2 of them were broken, other than that it was good.

  9. Brittany Olsen

    Great device for intended use. Make sure to keep clean for maximum effectiveness. Highly recommend!! Delivery was super effective too. Love this company.

  10. Andy Hernandez

    One of the better batches water pipe that I’ve had 🙌💪

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