Stiiizy Pods

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The pods weigh around 4g, contains a golden yellow fluid within and ar accessible in three variants specifically Sativa, hybrid and Indica. Cool flavours ar accessible like durban poison, amnesia Haze, jack Herer, sour diesel ,Banana Og, gorilla Glue, Do si Dos, Biscotti, Blackberry, blue cheese, cookies and Grape Ape. The psychoactive drug proportion varies between 85-90% and therefore the CBD varies between 1.3-2.5 mg looking on the variant and the flavour.




Stiiizy Pods

Stiiizy pods online stoners surplus marijuana dispensary. At Stiiizy pods are unique, portable vaporizers that look like a pen. Best Stiiizy pod are therefore a bit more elegant than other Vape devices. our pods are filled with Stiiizy’s handcrafted solventless distillate and include 85%+ THC in each. Our Stiiizy cartridges online from stoners surplus marijuana dispensary .

Stiiizy psychoactive drug vape oil is craft with solventless extraction. Every product is pure, uncut, and filler-free. each Pod and Syringe includes the total spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes derive from the first strain.The quality of the beginning material determines. The integrity of the ultimate product. tho’ black may be a fascinating color choice within the pen, different color choices like red, golden, silver, etc. are popular with users.

The sleek design, compact size, and simplicity of the merchandise make it easy. The pods weigh around 4g, contain a golden and yellow fluid within, and are accessible in three variants and specifically Sativa, and Hybrid Indica. Cool flavors ar accessible like Durban poison, amnesia Haze, jack Herer, sour diesel, Banana Og, Gorilla Glue, Do si Dos, Biscotti, Blackberry, blue cheese, cookies, and Grape Ape. The psychoactive drug proportion varies between 85-90% . Therefore the CBD varies between 1.3-2.5 mg looking on the variant and the flavor.


The Stiiizy pods for sale with psychoactive drug oil are insert within the vaping pen and they are able to be smoked. Once inserted you’ll be able to hear a feeble sound indicates that it’s properly insert. The packaging comes with the user manual which supplies elaborate directions and a USB cable to charge. The Pods will be refill and might be charge in a very few minutes. However, it’s not counselee to use this vape pen whereas charging.

Where to buy Stiiizy Carts Pods ?

Go to our online store Stoners Sur Plus Shop to find quality cartridges at affordable prices and have them delivered to your doorstep. Buy Stiiizy Pods online at Stoner’s surplus shop Dispensary Store.

6 reviews for Stiiizy Pods

  1. Jonpaul Tirico

    I ordered five different strains of stiiizy from this shop and the oils in them all have great taste! Their mouthpiece and ceramic core heating elements were innovative . The pods were better than the old generation CCELLs that were out at the time stiiizy was released . So much fantastic info on here thumps up

  2. Alex2199

    I just got my package and I love the Stiiizy pods carts. I grabbed 4-5 different flavors from this company and this one tops the 4 good strains flavor profile ! Great company Strong thick hits. And of course, the affordable price is worth mentioning! Will recommend

  3. Adrien Rose

    Love the high from Stiiizy ! I’ve been searching for a strain to make me happy and uplifted ! Yet this particular one really helped eased my anxiety and racing thoughts simultaneously. Maybe this product even deserves a six star rating.

  4. Hector Lopez

    Works well. Compact and nice looking.

  5. Robert P.

    Amazing product! Fast and easy delivery!

  6. Austin Haper

    Great taste and good pod to use while getting tasks done around the house or needing an extra boost for creativity 🔥🔥💯

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