Sour Tangie Vape Cartridge

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Gas up and associate with this ascension and extremely purposeful sativa cartridge. Classic diesel up front, citrus on the back . sour Tangie can get you moving

THC: 61.8%
TERPENES: 15%.8%


“Okay I smoke-dried a couple of bongs rips of this, and my girlfriend was fully cooked just like the dish sub at Subway. Honestly, roast sort of a Jetpuffed marshmallow. Seriously baked like associate pie on July fourth, with fireworks blasting overhead. it absolutely was very ultranationalistic. Entirely overdone.”



Sour Tangie Vape Cartridge  online stoners surplus marijuana dispensary.  Sour Tangie Vape Cartridge is AN 80% sativa cross between geographic region sour Diesel and Tangie. sour Tangie Vape Cartridge strain brings along the classic sour Diesel aroma with Tangie’s creative, elevating buzz and strong citrus overtones. This sativa has 2 different phenotypes that express either Sour Diesel or Tangie bud structures and effects. fuel associate degree go along with this ascent and extremely useful sativa, classic diesel upfront, citrus on the back. sour Tangie can keep you moving once more. This vape may be a flare oil clear and pure trying cartridge with a moderate thickness. The taste is the real deal; a deliciously sweet citrus burst, with a satisfying sour diesel end. The high average psychoactive substance level and sativa crystal rectifier effects can take you on a delightful cerebral journey. Elevating buzz may be a jolt that delivers energy and focus, accompanied by heat , soothing body buzz that’s significantly important  and non sedative. The balanced effects build this Tangie vape sensible for daytime. Talking medically, it helps relieve symptoms like stress, fatigue, depression and mood swings. stoners surplus marijuana dispensary on-line supply top quality Tangie vape that doesn’t disappoint, we all know the worth of quality and that we thus go an additional miles to produce our purchasers in  UK, USA, and Europe as an entire with the best quality of this vape to ensure they smoke smoothly

How to use sour Tangie vape

The sour Tangie vape could be a comparatively new kid on the block and to use it properly,  you must be ready to follow the below steps

Firstly, press and inhale. Hold down the button on your battery whereas inhaling softly through the mouthpiece on the cartridge
Secondly, you must see the battery light and start to feel vapor getting into your lungs. Also , you must see a tiny low quantity of vapor once exhaling that merely allows you to understand the unit is functioning properly.

About sour Tangie strain

Sour Tangie could be a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created as a cross of the vastly common East Coast sour Diesel X Tangie strains. dna genetics pollinated a sour Diesel feminine with spore from a Tangie male to supply this pungent bud with a lingering sweet-and-sour, fruit-and-diesel taste. sour Tangie encompasses a smell of pungent sour citrus that has an earthy diesel bouquet because the bud is smoked. The sour Tangie high boasts a mixture of indica and sativa effects that are high-powered by a comparatively high THC level that falls up to 22% on the average. The high starts with an elevating head buzz that jolts you with intended energy and a small sense of focus. as a result of these well-balanced effects, sour Tangie is claimed to be excellent for treating conditions like chronic fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. A winner for fans of each citrus and diesel aromas, sour Tangie is a wonderful general-purpose sativa. Its tuned-in energy are often particularly fun throughout a hike through the nice outdoors.

5 reviews for Sour Tangie Vape Cartridge

  1. Freshman Fred

    The best vape I have ever had, smokes like something from another planet! Will be shopping again

  2. Maryam Martin

    Very clear -headed, energetic and happy buzz after a hit or two, it relaxed and grounded me. Not a sleepy buzz from this brand . Good for ADHD! I would refer to anyone in need and I am coming back for more.

  3. Andrea Keller

    great quality and within 2 days there. 🙂 again at any time

  4. Rome Z.

    Very awesome website with great Quality products

  5. Sean L Smith

    Always superb quality, fast delivery and good prices!! I’ve been a return customer for 3 months now and will continue to buy from stoners surplus marijuana shop in future.

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