Texas Orange Caps Magic Mushrooms

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The best thing about Texas Yellow Cap magic mushrooms is that they offer a mild psychedelic effect, hence this is a gateway shroom for magic mushroom newbies or those looking to microdose.

Texas orange caps magic shrooms benefits have become a very popular trend in the health today, for good reasons. Some of the benefits include;

Firstly, mushroom are rich in antioxidants that helps very much protect humans skin cells from accelerated ageing and premature death, and helps to balance PH and lipid levels.
Also, they are anti inflammatory and possess anti – tyrosinase activity that improve inflammatory skincare conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.



Texas Orange Caps Magic Mushrooms online.  Texas Orange Caps Magic Mushrooms originally come from Texas – hence the name. When you consume these little fungi it will give you a feeling of enlightenment and they will help you connect to nature. Texas Yellow Cap cubensis are best known for their shamanistic properties, or spiritual effects rather than solely ‘’tripping’’. The best thing about Texas Yellow Cap magic mushrooms is that they offer a mild psychedelic effect, hence this is a gateway shroom for magic mushroom newbies or those looking to microdose.

stoners surplus shop online offer high quality mushrooms products which doesn’t disappoint, We know the value of quality and we therefore go an extra miles to provide our clients in UK, USA, and Europe as a whole with the finest quality of Texas shrooms to help offer mild psychedelic effects to consumers. If you have this superb shrooms raw, you might run into nausea as it processes in your stomach. If you have a tea or lemon tek, you’ll find less likely to run into nausea in our experience. It will be advisable for consumers to take this superb mushroom in the morning because of its beneficial effects which can last through out the day . Micro dosing during nighttime may interfere with sleep. For novice consumers, it will also be advisable to wait for about 35 minutes to even 1 hour so the effects of this excellent mushroom from Texas can take action first in your system before taking another does.
Also, if on drugs make sure there are no known negative interactions with psilocybin this is so because everyone reacts differently to mushroom. Your trip can last anywhere between 3 to 6 hours, with the effects from this mushroom beginning to felt within 15 to 25 minutes after initial ingestion. Make sure you take a micro dose once every 3 days .

6 reviews for Texas Orange Caps Magic Mushrooms

  1. Michael E.

    Use Orange Caps Magic Mushrooms twice now, had a great trip both times . I also experienced lots of visuals and fun! Their fast and efficient services made them my. And their awesome packaging is also very impressive.

  2. 972. Blacky

    Super euphoric shrooms, nice visuals and not bad in the stomach. It is the most popular shroom strain for valid reasons. I am really in love with it. And of course, the affordable price is worth mentioning!

  3. Mason Lyon

    As an experienced shrooms user, I found this particular shroom strain to be a bit stronger but still had a good trip. My stomach was a little uncomfortable so it will be best if brewed in to tea.

  4. Shane Trainor

    Really felt in love with this great mushrooms, super chill for first time users or for people who are scared to try shrooms. They will really ease you in to a super nice trip! I use it for more than 3 months now and this shop is also great. Love it truly!

  5. Amy jacques

    I hated this particular mushroom strain. At 1gram and 2 grams, it made my body feel heavy, dizzy and did little else. No visuals, which was exactly what I wanted in the first place. Delivery was great

  6. Alex Sandra

    Great product. Quick delivery.

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