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Cookies, also noted more as “Girl Scout Cookies,” is AN indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain which came through a three-way cross of the potent OG Kush strain X Durban Poison strain X Cherry Kush . This great indica strain has a taste of earthy kush with accents of sweet cherries and nutty lemon. The aroma is extremely similar, with AN earthy, nutty, accented by a small pungency and smooth sweet vanilla and spices. This bud has oversized spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with bright fiery orange hairs, amber colored crystal trichomes, and visual droplets of sticky sweet resin. The Cookies high is simply as sweet as the flavor, with well-balanced effects that will please the pickiest of connoisseurs. It starts with a euphoric cerebral high that instantly boosts your mood ANd replaces negative thoughts with an introspective energy. this is accompanied by a long body high that melts you into wherever you’re sitting ANd infuses you with an unquenchable feeling of hunger. These effects and its average mind-altering drug level make Cookies good for treating conditions like chronic stress or anxiety, appetite loss, depression, nausea, and chronic pain

Cookies strain side effects

. Red eyes
. Cottonmouth
. Dry eyes
. Munchies

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Cookies Kush online for sale

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Everything; about cookies Kush online

Cookies, also known more commonly as “Girl Scout Cookies,” is AN Indica dominant hybrid (60% Indica/40% sativa) strain that originated from Barney’s Coffeeshop that mixes the cookie effects of GSC with the Rolex phenotype of OG Kush. This excellent Kush strain result’s a potent Indica worthy of first place in High Times’ 2014 amsterdam Cannabis Cup within the “Best Coffeeshop Strain” class. Cookies is formed through a three-party cross of the potent OG Kush X durban Poison X Cherry Kush strains.

Furthermore, high tetrahydrocannabinol levels of this strain reach an average of 17%-18% or higher, however what extremely makes this strain special is the pairing of three CBD. This creates a pleasant heady high that relaxes your body and lifts your spirits.

Additionally, this marijuana strain has strong Kush Flavor that’s lightened by sweet lime and pungency

Aromas of this strain ar quite similar with a bit of granny smith apple on the nose. The buds ar olive green and with minty green patches and fiery orange hairs. The trichomes that envelope every nug ar translucent and rife with rosin.

Medically speaking, you’ll realize a great deal of uses for Cookies Marijuana strain ;Beyond it being powerfully sedative, it’s conjointly a mood booster that makes it nice for anyone affected by chronic stress, depression, or bipolar. due to this you’ll utilize this for pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia because it can leave you feeling extremely sleepy as you begin to come down.

Additionally , this marijuana strain will agitate paranoia or anxiety in those that ar simply swayed by cannabis. Red eyes, dry eyes, cottonmouth, and also the munchies ar extra aspect effects that may be cause for concern.

Grow Infor

talking regarding the Growing part of this marijuana strain, it won’t be too tough if you have got some experience with different marijuana strains . it’s suggested for intermediate growers or those with higher growing experience  and can offer those green thumbs with a high yield.


. Cherry
. Lemon
. Pine


. Pungent
. Spicy
. Mint
. Nutty
. Vanilla
. Sweet

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6 reviews for cookies kush

  1. Canelax junior

    Pretty sure im gonna ride the couch hard. Like the taste and long lasting effects

  2. Summer

    This is one of my favorite strains by far. This really gives a true high which works great to kill pains. The taste of it is amazing and has a very potent aroma. Brings an appetite as well.

  3. Granny Dabs

    OMG the taste and long lasting effects ! Great for anxiety.

  4. Theodore J chesterfield

    I ordered this strain from stoners surplus shop thinking it would provide the same effects Durban poison usually gives me but the nasty headaches I got from this was too much. Tried it a couple days since I ordered a qp , even in very small quantities but I wake up next day with serious headaches and feeling like a crap. Impressed it works great for my friend but not good for me so I had to sale him my package .

  5. Christopher Erie

    Smells & tastes great! Heavy, sedative high. Always my last bowl of the night! Highly recommend

  6. Da_real_marlo

    Products from stoners surplus marijuana shop met my expectations. I am really happy my friend recommended me to the right online dispensary 🤝

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