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Super Glue strain, conjointly noted merely as Superglue, is Associate in Nursing indica-dominant hybrid, a mix of skunk X northern lights. If it seems on the black market, contemplate it a rare notice. The frosty white buds of this plant pack a colossal mind-altering drug level, over 23% in some tests. CBD levels also are on top of average, as high as 0.4% in tests that produces this a very helpful medical strain, ideal for treating depression, pain, and anxiety; it should conjointly facilitate with seizures and muscle spasms.



Super Glue OG Online:

Super Glue Og Strain, additionally celebrated merely as Superglue, AN indica-dominant hybrid, a mixture of Skunk #1 X northern lights. Og Super Glue will be found in many dispensaries in California and Washington state.

Super Glue Weed Strain mind-altering drug level is over 23% in some tests. CBD levels also are more than average, as high as 1.4% in tests. That produces this a beneficial medical strain, ideal for treating depression, pain, and anxiety; you’ll be able to notice all information regarding Super Glue from Organic Gardeners.

The seed finder users tested Super Glue Weed and uploaded data regarding the consequences of Organic Gardeners’ Super Glue Strain. Once somebody hears that a Cannabis strain is known as “Super Glue Strain Price,” one could assume it’s lined in sticky, transparent trichome hairs. Some other person would take that this strain can glue them to the couch. Either person is maybe right once it involves the Super Glue Cannabis strain. Its trichomes Square measure very like glue and should be broken apart fastidiously. Once this can be this, fumes of wood, citrus, and skunk Square measure unleashed.

Moreover, the high of Super Glue weed is trippy. However, comfortable expertise. Reputedly, sounds and colors increase, creating a look and a flick or paying attention to music even a lot gratifying. This strain would possibly make sitting quietly in one position alone entirely fascinating. Users report experiencing deep, and self-examining thought among a soothing body buzz. Users seeking relief from cramps, insomnia, and depression could notice relief from Superglue Strain.

Medical Edges Of Super Glue Og:

Being a hybrid strain and cross between such legendary pieces like Afghani and northern lights, Superglue packs a whole bag of therapeutic qualities for medical marijuana patients, which may be seen as noted below. What Is Super Glue Strain?.

Medical patients struck by a spread of pains, muscle spasms, and tremors considerably benefited from the physical impact of superglue strain. It bogged down their symptoms and provided temporary relief.
Square’s reposeful and rising properties Are effective for shoppers with psychological state conditions like anxiety and depression. The stain’s sedative properties may be helpful for individuals with sleeping disorders or sleep disorders.

  • THC: 28%
  • CBD: 0.4%.4%
  • Strain type: HYBRID
  • Similar strains: Original glue, Mint GSC, Platinum GSC

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16 reviews for Super Glue OG Strain

  1. Ali sultan

    Best strain I have ever had. Will be coming back for more I’m very satisfied with the quality of the product and customer service !keep up the good piece of work.

  2. Richard M

    My favorite cannabis product is Super Glue OG undoubtedly. Ordered it several times from this cannabis store online and they got it delivered to my address on time.

  3. Francisco

    Really in love with this strain, very laid back effects for me ! A very great indica strain but to be honest you don’t get that heavy tiredness you got in the late 80s as it just mellows you out.

  4. Tristan.F

    Taste like cookies. In my opinion it is one of the best sativa strain I’ve ever smoked. Best couch lock I have ever had in a while. Wish this company was over here in Germany! Would get it again.

  5. Tony Maddawg

    Super Glue OG strain is now one of my favorite sativa strain hands down! Thanks stoners surplus marijuana dispensary , keep this great strain in stock always !! I’ll be back for more. Will recommend to those Users seeking relief from cramps, insomnia, and depression. Thanks for the quick services!

  6. Jason Duffy

    I have tried super Glue OG strain from a number of places ,this was by far the best I’ve ever had. This strain has a special place in my heart and I am very happy with my order. Great for treating depression, pain, and anxiety. Highly recommended for anyone in need, order from this website for they are the best guys so far I’ve ever come across.

  7. Mark lamb

    One hit from this amazing strain from my water bong and I was already feeling the effects from one of best long lasting high ever. 2 hits is all you need from this strain. 3-4 hits and you will be happy the whole day. This strain really helped me ease my back pain . Highly recommended and will be buying again.

  8. Adria Diaz

    I am using this super glue og strain I ordered from this shop right now and it feels more like an indica dominant strain than a sativa one. I found this strain to be weak I am a heavy smoker and this barely got me buzzed. Won’t buy this strain again.

  9. Evie smith

    Great product, love this strain. Will buy again!!

  10. Michael Wonzy

    The best company so far I have worked with. Stoners surplus marijuana shop is a great company online . I just received my #7 package from them and they look great. Great quality and great care for their products and customers.

  11. Mike

    Love ❤️ love ❤️ love! Can’t get over how excellent this strain was! Highly recommend this shop! I reached out to seller regarding length they were absolutely right it is not a concern it’s “PERFECT”! Packed in an adorable little box 📦…Fast to ship!!

  12. Max Smith

    My order was shipped the next day and showed up in less than 6 days , I am happy with my experience with this company and even more happier with the product delivered

  13. Ace Biggie

    This company website is easy to navigate, and there’s enough of information for every product. So far, my product purchases have exceeded my expectations so I am definitely a stonerssurplusshop customer from now. Shipping was fast!!

  14. Amanda Knox

    Impressed with delivery 💯💪

  15. Lancegood

    The taste of super glue OG strain from stoners surplus marijuana dispensary is excellent. This is why I give it 5star. Easy re_order for me 💪

  16. Alaina Eckerdt

    Great medicine!! This great strain is really amazing for all medical issues listed by stoners surplus marijuana company!! Best couch 🛋 lock strain I have in a whole. I recommend to y’all if you have a chance to shop with this great company online 🚧🎱

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