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Sun Rocks strain online . This great Hybrid strain hold AN abundance of healthful advantages that may be used to treat symptoms like sleep disorder, appetite loss, cramps, stress, depression, epileptic seizures, muscle spasms, and different physical pain connected sicknesses. Our SunRocks ar best enjoyed through a bong or a pipe. A good example include the Snoop Dogg Battleship Water Pipe .  Make sure you pack some freshly ground herb within the base, tear apart the Sun Rock together with your fingers or scissors (never grind), then add another layer of flower to provide a more evenly burning bowl. This  excellent strain features a very pure taste and it burns rather well. Nice for a special treat for yourself. 10/10 high 8/10 body high. Be wanred!! a touch goes an extended way. Turn the total issue into a joint and you’ll be COOL. amazing taste.

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Sunrocks marijuana strain for sale online

Sunrocks marijuana strain is AN equally balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) that’s generally created of AN assortment of various OG Kush relations. This Hybrid excellent marijuana strain is AN updated version of the coveted Moon Rocks selection, taking its efficiency to a full new level that even Snoop Dogg will not smoke, hit consciousness-altering drug levels of up to 80%. Also, Sun rocks ar created through taking a extremely potent and super dense OG Kush nug, rolling it in high-potency wax and then coating it with kief. The result is a brilliant sticky and dense bright neon green nugget that is glittering with frosty kief and trichomes. the flavour is incredibly equivalent to a classic OG Kush, with spicy and sweet flowers recreation over your tongue, accented by a sour efficiency that will increase as you drag. The aroma of this great strain is claimed to be similar, though pretty mild and sweet in nature. This  strain  high is one that may knock you all out before you even understand what is happening. You will feel a speeding lift of happiness and a way of mental calm before your body begins to drown in a very heavily sedative and couch-locked state. This quickly results in sleep, knocking out even the foremost knowledgeable of patients after one drag. because of these serious effects and its high efficiency level, this great Hybrid marijuana strain ar suggested for knowledgeable patients littered with sleep disorder, neuropathy, arthritis, chronic pain and muscle spasms or cramps.

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6 reviews for Sunrocks marijuana strain

  1. Kay

    Expensive but really great ! Bong rips or pipe hits alone are head busting but I always like to mixed it with weed for best effects. This shop is the best discreet online weed shop no doubt. Fastest delivery service.

  2. Doris swope

    Throughly, a next level cannabis experience. Not advisable for novices or before an important meeting an even for an unimportant one as a whole. Costly as it’s hard to find here in UK . Expensive treat for any true enthusiast. Was really impressed with shipping everything went on smoothly as expected. Thank you stoners surplus marijuana shop.

  3. Adam Woodard

    Undoubtedly , this Sunrocks marijuana strain is something special!! I purchased it after knowing from my hometown friends about it unique effects, and I am satisfied.

  4. Adolfo Alvarez

    I have no words for this great strain at all I love it. Recommend to all.

  5. Allison F.

    Omg!! Super, super excellent strain! I love it so much! It came out exactly how I wanted it to (: thank you so much!! 💗

  6. Elliot wiard

    Good for pain gets u super high

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