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Skunk # one is AN indica-leaning hybrid familiar for its sedating and quiet high .True to this great Hybrid strain name, Skunk #1 smells definitely skunky, whereas the taste may be a mixture of sour and earthy flavors. this is AN indica-dominant strain (35:65 sativa/indica ratio) best used late within the day. Tho’ it comes with a head buzz that belies its indica genes, Skunk #1 additionally provides deep-body relaxation. the head high is energetic and inventive, whereas the body high is peaceful and soothing. It can be used to treat anxiety and different mental disorders, moreover as chronic pain, headaches, and lack of appetite. This strain remains extremely fashionable in amsterdam, and tho’ it can be found across the u. s., it’s principally found on the west coast, Arizona, and Colorado. Dry mouth is the commonest drawback related to this  great strain, moreover as psychosis and red eyes.

Medical advantages of SKUNK #1 strain

The balanced effects of this marijuana strain in most cannabis communities build it a large type of medical conditions. Medical marijuana patients additionally pick up this strain for a large type of ailments which include

Firstly, muscle tension and general body aches soften away with a success of skunk #1 strain
Secondly, AN expansive and upbeat mental high eases depression and anxiety
Lastly, some medical marijuana patients have found this strain helpful for inflammatory conditions like eye disease and asthma attack

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Skunk #1 marijuana strain online for sale

Skunk #1 marijuana strain may be a hybrid that has influenced cannabis on a worldwide scale since the late Seventies with its unmistakeable pungent blend of sour skunkiness and subtle earthy notes. This excellent Hybrid marijuana strain smells unquestionably skunky, whereas the taste may be a mixture of sour and earthy flavors.

Also, the first Strain of this  great hybrid strain gave rise to many variations that were later harvested within the gardens of Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Flying Dutchmen, Nirvana Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds. This hybrid offers elevated creativeness through its high-energy buzz, whereas stress and appetite loss soften away with Skunk #1’s potency. This hybrid  strain was created by crossing AN Afghan indica with sativas acapulco gold and Colombian Gold, leading to a pungent and potent strain that leans on its indica traits. Testing in at an incredible 29.2% active psychoactive substance level, this potent skunk strain uniquely offers a happy and mood enhancing experience. This wonderful strain is understood to assist medically with patients who are suffering from symptoms like depression, headaches and pain. the top high is energetic and inventive, whereas the body high is peaceful and soothing.

However, in higher doses , this  excellent Hybrid strain will cause symptom and psychosis. yet knowledgeable cannabis shoppers from our shop might solely notice that it provides a cheerful, relaxed and upbeat reasonably high. This great Hybrid  strain remains extremely standard in Amsterdam, and tho’ it can be found across the u. s., it’s largely found on the West Coast, Arizona, and Colorado. dry mouth is the most typical downside related to this strain, similarly as psychosis and red eyes.

Grow info

Both novice and knowledgeable breeders ought to be ready to grow the strain inside, and may expect a yield in 8-9 weeks.

THC: 17. 2% | CBD: 0.33%
Strain type: HYBRID
Taste and smells like: Earthy, Sour, Skunky, Sweet
Feels like: Relaxed, Happy, Sedative, uplifted,
Relieve symptoms: Depression, Chronic pain, Fatigue and stress

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3 reviews for Skunk #1 marijuana strain

  1. Bobby Barrette

    Amazing product I must say ! Also, Stoners surplus shop provided me quick delivery service. For Skunks #1 , I’ll give them a 5 stars. I will order from this shop again.

  2. Diego perez

    Great strain for beginners who want to avoid a strong high with a bit of low THC effects. Great anytime of the day for relaxation and pain.

  3. Anthony lane

    I work all week! So when I get a day off , Skunk #1 strain is ripping 💯💪. great smooth high and tastes great too

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