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Jack Herer may be a strain named after a lifelong cannabis activist whose 1985 book The Emperor Wears No garments continues to be an influential resource within the fight for cannabis legislation and legalisation. moreover, Jack Herer is assumed to be the merchandise of sativa staple Haze and a cross of northern lights #5 and Shiva Skunk.

Furthermore, the sense of ease and creativeness conjointly makes Jack Herer nice for facilitating voice communication in social settings. as a result of it provides dual relaxation and buzz for the mind and body, Jack Herer usually leaves users feeling stirred up but in full lucid management of their actions .

stoners surplus marijuana dispensary on-line supply top quality strains that doesn’t disappoint, with users experiencing Relaxation and cerebral high spirits. Our Jack Herer is pretty smart and at reasonable rate. we all know the worth of quality and that we so go an additional miles to produce our shoppers in UK, USA, and Europe as a full with the best quality of this sativa strain.

THC: 17%. 0% | CBD 0%.35%
Strain type: SATIVA
Feels like: elated, Energy, social, Focused

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Jack Herer strain For Sale

Jack Herer strain also best-known as JH, could be a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that has gained the maximum amount honour as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No garments. Jack Herer strain came as a results of Combining a Haze hybrid with a northern lights #5 and Shiva Skuns cross, Sensi Seeds created this marijuana strain hoping to capture each cerebral elevation and serious organic compound production. This creation from Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds won 9 first-places at High Times Cannabis Cup awards, and could be a often used parent strain for new hybrids. Its flavor is reportedly to be a composite of citrus, pine, wood and spice.

moreover, Jack Herer is easily one among the known strains in America. Originating in California, this sativa honors the memory of Jack Herer , a old native cannabis activist and medical marijuana user. it isn’t quite as strong as its popularity would possibly recommend, however the high is intoxicating and distinctive. Jack Herer encompasses a distinctive loamy smell and taste with hints of pine and trees. The sativa high is happy, bubbly, and euphoric , spurring energy and power. Jack Herer is good for errands and different daytime activities.

Medically speaking, you’ll notice tons of uses for this sativa strain; on the far side it being powerful sedative, it’s additionally mood booster that is nice for treating patients with conditions like mental or neurological disorders, together with manic depression, anxiety, migraines, PTSD, and ADHD. dry mouth and red eyes ar common, at the side of occasional dizziness and psychosis. Jack Herer is common throughout the U.S, but, like several different strains, it’s most well liked within the West.



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11 reviews for Jack Herer strain

  1. Darren Nate

    Nice product and the product description on the website also helped me in choosing which one I need. This strain now have become the love of my life! Will recommend

  2. Halour

    I wish I’d discovered this company long ago! This is my 3rd time shopping online from this company but to be clear, I love the jack Herer strain I ordered from them this last time! Great for getting energy and creativity. Your mood is elevated , but your mind is clear and focused. No anxiety or paranoia at all.

  3. Paul pankiw

    This strain is a must have for my bipolar symptoms! It is the only strain that can pull me out of a mania in under 3 minutes. Thank Stoners surplus shop for this strain. Packaging was superb.

  4. Edgar poe

    My best sativa strain! I just ordered jack 2 days back from this shop online. So far, after 2 rips from my bong I feel perfect, super straight! Highly recommended. I wish I’d discovered this great strain long ago. Great for getting energy and creativity.

  5. Ag Garcia

    This is a completely different level strain within THC. Jack is really the best to strain relax. Gives you just the correct amount of energy to get you through out the day while also helping manage anxiety and stress issues.

  6. Manuel Frank

    This is a great strain from the looks of things but personally, it hits harder than I thought it would. The flavor wasn’t the greatest either. I will use it more in the evening not for morning or daytime. Services were a good example of the company I’ve been searching online ! Thank you.

  7. Chris Griffiths

    To start with, I will like to first of all thank Stoners surplus marijuana shop for the fast services! The perfect strain when you want to be productive during the daytime.

  8. Ethan ward

    Jack Herer is the best strain for Ms symptoms and leaves my brain able to function. No wonder this was the first strain legalized over here in Netherlands because of its medical benefits . The high is very good, the smell is also great !!! Not really my king of taste but I give Stoners surplus marijuana shop 5 star for this excellent buds.

  9. Adam Crocker

    This excellent strain is completely different level within THC . This is the best strain to relax. Wonderful taste too and gives you just the right amount of energy you need to get you through the day while also helping manage symptoms of anxiety and strees. Highly recommend

  10. Janine Moore

    Just received my second order from this shop and the strain looks and smell great again! Like last time, the company was super helpful and kept me up to date on my order (it was slightly delayed due to shortage in stock ). Thanks again for a great product and birthday present from stonerssurplusshop. Will always be a good one to the company.

  11. Preston king

    Does not look like the picture at all there is no frost just a green bud this didn’t list outdoor grown it’s outdoor all around totally unsatisfied

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