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The notorious sativa cannabis strain, Haze, is known throughout the globe and has become a well-liked sativa through the past decades. Its smell and taste ar sweet and somehow citrusy, tasting of earthy spices and herbs. once harvest is ready, its buds ar a diverse range of green shades that bare orange pistils. The consciousness-altering drug content averages at a high of eighteen, and might reach astonishing levels of twenty seventh. Its high is exclusive and potent, making a robust elated attitude the induces countless cerebral activity that can cloud one’s thoughts. However, it’s well-known to extend ability immensely and cause music and art to be a lot of enjoyable. Haze produces a dreamy and happy high, whereas easing some minor aches throughout the body. Nausea is usually relieved and appetite increased

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 Haze Marijuana Strain online

Haze marijuana strain could be a 100 percent pure Sativa strain. Haze marijuana strain result is a powerful and well-balanced Sativa strain packed full of tetrahydrocannabinol (10%-20% on average) and sweet hazy flavors.

This strain originated within the Californian region within the late ’60s to early ’70s. the road of seeds was maintained strictly for several years. BCB used all obtainable plants from this 1st generation, this was 2 males onto eight females so as to maximise the range within the line. the variety within the line has been maintained with original creeper, Purple, green and alternative phenotype expressions present during test grows in 2006. those that cultivated this nice strain within the  early 60s were named “the Haze Brothers” in conjunction with one amongst their partner popularly called “Sam the Skunkman.”  The smell of this nice strain attracts you in by the nose, however ,it is the earthiness and sugary sweet flavors that have come to be related to the name that really hooks you. Also, the high-energy, talkative buzz that the sativa strains provides gives this one a creative zing that not many can parallel.

Medicinally, Haze has several applications. as a result of being AN uplifting strain, many people use it in the treatment of mental illness like depression, stress, and bipolar  disorder as well as for fatigue.

Secondly, on the medical end, The stimulative features of this strain build it extremely useful to those that suffer from lack of appetite, digestive problems, and inflammation.

Furthermore, still on the medical benefits! This strain contains a hard come down that sometimes induces sleep, so many can also use it as AN aid for sleep disorder or restless leg syndrome. Haze will have a tendency to get ahead of you and if smoked to excess will induce psychosis, anxiety, dry mouth, and fidgety eyes.

THC: 14%-23% | CBD 0%.20%
Strain type: SATIVA
Taste and smells like: herbal, spicy, sweet, Earthy, Orange, Citrus
Feels like: cerebral, creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Sociable, uplifting
Relieve symptoms: chronic pain, Fatigue, Depression, loss of appetite, migraines, Nausea, PTSD, stress
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6 reviews for Haze Marijuana strain

  1. Maria mroz

    I must say good things about the Haze Marijuana strain I ordered from this shop. This strain is superb. I have heard many things about it. And I am happy with the product quality and packaging.

  2. Will Amsteong

    Bought the Haze strain from this cannabis store and the quality is truly something different. I’ve used several cannabis strains but never come across some pretty fire strain like the Haze ordered from this shop. Love it!

  3. Karl max

    Very energetic weed strain . Not overly motivated, though could get into a fun activity with like minded friends. I have been using this particular strain from this company for more than a month now and I am ready to use it for the rest of my life.

  4. Jesse chacon

    It’s a good all round strain. Its really dank , tasty and super smooth! No cough strain. 3-4 hits from this great strain and you’re good to go. Highly recommended

  5. Norma Powell

    A good strain to try ! The comedown from this strain usually sends me to sleep , so I like to make sure I’ve cleared all the tasks ahead of me before any hit of this strain. Really hard to stay focused so don’t smoke before a task that needs a minimum amount of concentration .

  6. Micke Hernandez

    My favorite bud now! Great cerebral high that wakes you up after a long day work . Wife loves when I smoke because I get things done around the house for real.

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