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This Harle-Tsu strain, is a high-CBD hybrid cross between Harlequin strain and sour tsunami strain. With a CBD content twenty times over its mind-altering drug content, Harle-Tsu brings relief to pain and inflammation while not psychoactivity. Harle-Tsu seeds have a 75% probability of expressing its high-CBD characteristics, and indoor plants can end flowering in eight weeks.

Though this bud is extremely rare, it’s favored for its insanely high CBD level that generally falls between 18-22% on the average with a mind-altering drug level of less than 1%. The Harle-Tsu high is extremely mellow in nature, and serves more as a pain pill than an important head or body high. It starts with a cheerful and elated happy head buzz felt behind the eyes and within the forehead. This buzz slowly seeps throughout the remainder of the body, leaving you fully relaxed and totally pain free. You’ll be focused and motivated with this bud, as your mind are fully wiped of any painful or racing thoughts, leaving you free to tackle any task at hand. These effects and its spectacular CBD level create Harle-Tsu good for treating conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, chronic stress or anxiety, headaches or migraines, and muscle spasms. This bud has AN aroma of sweet earthy pine with a spicy citrus result that’s discharged because the nugs ar broken apart. the flavour is simply as sweet, with AN herbal pine that features a slight earthy citrus taste upon exhale.

Medical Benefits of Harle-Tsu Strain

As far as adults ar involved, Harle-Tsu is best used for stress or strained muscles. As you probably know, to your price, whenever there’s pain, inflammation is typically shortly behind. As luck would have it, Harle-Tsu might probably help with inflammation and thereby facilitate a smoother and fewer painful recovery. Harle-Tsu’s strain huge CBD content and restricted mind-bending properties make this massively appealing strain for medical marijuana patients.

. This is a prime selection for patients wanting to manage chronic pain
. For medical patients involved regarding losing focus or alertness throughout the day, this strain’s minimal tetrahydrocannabinol levels mean there’s next to no psychoactive effects — this can be nearly hemp
. While there isn’t a typical body-high, shoppers can feel sore muscles and different tensions soften away

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Harle Tsu Strain Review:

The harle tsu strain find is a pure Sativa dominant hybrid strain. Likewise, it comes from the combination of two different weeds that are not having very high rated fame. These are Harlequin and Sour Tsunami strains. It contains a high average of CBD such as 38. 78% and the practically non-existent THC content. Furthermore, it is recommended for evening time usage. This Weed comes as a strong boost for your mood, body, and mind. Likewise, it offers amazing relaxation properties that are beneficial for your whole body.

This weed is recommended for both purposes such as recreational on medical activities.

The harle-tsu medical marijuana strain:

This strain works as the best medical weed and treats moderate pains and inflammation.

Likewise, it is extremely strong in terpenes, and various terpenes are supposed to have their particular medical advantage. We try to explain here in a swift list of these terpenes and what they can probably manage:

Myrcene: Trouble, insomnolence, and muscle tension

Pinene: Weakness

Humulene: Pain and inflammation

Terpinolene: Anxiety and insomnia

Ocimene: Has antibacterial and antiviral properties

B-Caryophyllene: Infection and gastrointestinal issues. It is the mixture of various terpenes and CBD that gives Harle-Tsu its purported medicinal properties. Moreover, Harle-Tsu has minimum THC.


This flower has a fabulous fragrance of sweet earthy pine with a spicy citrus impact that’s cleared as the nugs are broken exclusively. The flavor is just as delicious, with a verdant pine that has a scanty earthy citrus taste upon blow. These flowers have downy and irregular elongated grape-shaped nugs with sparse orange beards and a super viscous layer of sweet syrupy resin.

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Pine
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Energized
  • Euphoric
Use to Treat:
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Side Effects:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Paranoia

Growth Information:

This is the best strain that grows indoors. The leaves become too thick that need cut at the proper time. Likewise, it is before molding and mildew start to grow. Harle-Tsu is a strain that works heat moderately well. However, it is desirable to try to keep the best temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

When grown indoors, it takes not more than 8-9 weeks to produce flowers. Similarly, it gives a comparatively high yield. When you choose to grow it outdoors, make sure it isn’t exposed to moisture levels above 50% through the flowering limelight.

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9 reviews for Harle-Tsu Strain

  1. Jacqueline

    Harle-Tsu Strain I ordered from this shop helped me with my mental stress problem and I am now okay only after three hits. I am smoking this strain since 2 months and I sometimes now wonder how I was doing without this one earlier.

  2. Charles Wright

    This is the most dependable online cannabis website I have ever come across. I ordered Harle-Tsu Strain
    from this shop and they were truly amazing. Delivery was a bit slow but that’s cool because it is out of manufacture control! Will come back for more again.

  3. Michael H Staley

    My absolute pretty CBD marijuana strain! Harle-Tsu marijuana strain is excellent for easing the discomforts of my polyneuropathy and severe osteoarthritis as well as lifting my spirits enough to focus on creative work especially during the day. I use homemade oil from this strain too in my morning smoothie, and vape flower in the afternoon. I was really impressed too with the customer service

  4. Sato

    I highly recommend this strain to those who want pain relief and weed benefits without being high. I just got the opportunity to try this strain in an extract and I am very impressed. Concerning the customer service I give this company 5 star

  5. James Brassfield Jr.

    After seeking a high CBD strain to combat my anxiety issues, I was very pleased with the Harle tsu I ordered from this website 6 days back for my first time. The taste wasn’t really the best as it is still my first time to try it out! I got to try it again today as I ordered today and it blew my mind. Taste like candy , no real psychoactivity to really speak of , no couch lock and an instant relief of my anxiety issues and pain attacks.

  6. Nora Poncho

    Tried it for pain relief for the muscles spasms issues I was having, kicked in after 20 minutes … Then gone in 30 minutes I couldn’t believe it.

  7. Alexandra Tenorio

    Helps immensely with my chronic pain. Has also been especially handy during my surgery recovery! Love stoners surplus marijuana shop and will always come back.

  8. Briana snow

    This strain helped my furry friend relax during his final days.

  9. James White

    This is my favourite CBD strain now. Have a little and turn off your stressful mind to get some sleep. Or have a little more and become one with your couch in the most relaxing, comfortable, and not too heavy way.

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