Grapefruit Durban Strain

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THC: 18% | CBD: 0.2%
Strain Type: SATIVA
Taste & smells like: Citrus, Grapefruit, Sour
Feels like: Energetic, Relaxed, Cerebral
Similar Strains: Strawberry Haze, Green crack and Cinderella 99.
Relieve symptoms: Depression, Fatigue, Chronic pain, Headaches, Migraines , PTSD and Stress

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Grapefruit Durban Strain

Grapefruit durban strain is an indica-dominant hybrid Flower that was created by crossing Durban Poison and Grapefruit. This potent strain offers a powerful high that is perfect for relaxation and stress relief. The grapefruit aroma is also very pleasant, making this strain a great choice for anyone looking for a delicious way to unwind.Grapefruit strain might be a Sativa cannabis strain with better than expected tetrahydrocannabinol levels. Ordinarily used to assuage pressure, this peppy strain can leave Maryjane devotees feeling cheerful and fiery.

Grapefruit invigorating bloom makes for a decent because of launch your morning and clears the patterns exhaustion. Clinical marijuana customers love Grapefruit pot for mental state and migraine help, while sporting individuals will more often than not comprehend the designated and cheerful environment this blossom offers. Request Grapefruit weed when you’re needing some cheerful mental excitement. Tetrahydrocannabinol levels are graphe at 20%, subsequently, this is much of the time a genuinely strong strain. CBD levels, in the interim, are horribly low, precluding this as a decent treatment for a mental issue. The sweet taste and smell of grapefruit are prevailing, in spite of the fact that there are traces of elective citrus natural products. Unfriendly impacts are regularly very limited, albeit dry mouth and red eyes are conceivable especially once the medication happens. dizziness and psychosis are interesting.

Grow information : 

The Sativa-inclining crossover strain develops short, delivering lime-green buds with thick orange shame hairs in a 60-multi day blooming period. It tends to become both inside and outside and answers well in a damp, Mediterranean environment when developed outside.

Grapefruit is the name applied to 2 unmistakable Sativa-predominant strains. the essential is perceived as BC Grapefruit and the second as Nectar’s Grapefruit. each strain offers strong rising sensations of delight and confers energy. BC Grapefruit comes from a clone of obscure hereditary science. Nectar’s Grapefruit, on the contrary hand, might be a combination of Cinderella 99 and an obscure landrace Sativa conceived by Nectar Seeds. To finish up here, assuming you’ve attempted the awesome Grapefruit strain and conjointly love it, that is moreover a fantastic truth better-known ahead of time then verify you additionally attempt Chocolope, and very silver Cloudiness strain.

What type of strain is grapefruit durban Strain ?

Durban is a landrace strain that was originally grown in the African country of the same name. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet, fruity grapefruit flavor and a potent, uplifting high. Durban is perfect for daytime use. It can help you stay productive and motivated while providing relief from stress and anxiety. If you’re looking for a strain that can give you an energetic boost without making you feel jittery or paranoid, Durban is worth checking out.

Grapefruit durban strain medical benefits :

The grapefruit durban strain is a hybrid cross of the sativa Durban Poison and the indica Grapefruit. This potent combination results in a powerful, long-lasting high that is perfect for treating various medical conditions. The uplifting and energetic effects of the Durban Poison help to ease stress and anxiety, while the Indica Grapefruit provides pain relief and relaxation. This strain is also know for its ability to improve focus and concentration.

Grapefruit durban strain effects :

The grapefruit durban strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that was cerate by crossing the Grapefruit and Durban Poison strains. This strain is know for its potent psychoactive effects. Which can be describes as being both uplifting and energizing. The high from this strain is say to last for several hours, making it a good choice for those looking for an all-day smoke. The grapefruit durban strain is also says to a strong smell and taste of grapefruit, hence its name.

Grapefruit durban weed strain :

Looking for a weed strain that will give you a energizing and uplifting high? Look no further than the Grapefruits Durban weed strain! This sativa dominant hybrid is the perfect choice for those days. When you need a little extra pep in your step. The Durban Poison genetics give this strain a sweet and citrusy flavor. While the Grapefruit genetics add a touch of sourness. The high from this strain is very cerebral, making it perfect for creative endeavors or social activities. Whether you’re looking to get some work do or just have some fun. The Grapefruit Durban weed strain is sure to please.

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10 reviews for Grapefruit Durban Strain


    Amazing selection!! I got three different strains from this shop and they were all super exotic! Love all the free extras that came with my order! Delivery was right on time, definitely going to order soon.

  2. Khedzeli Treutel

    I have been on this strain for days now. A great around the way strain. Clean, alert by relaxing effects! A chill but creative combo if that make sense! It worth grabbing a couple pounds or more ! I really appreciate the customer service too

  3. Calvin Hale

    The taste is superb! It give an uplifting feeling and before I realize it, I am singing and dancing around the house. Really mental and powerful! Cannot take more than 4-5 hits. Perfectly good for working, and great for chilling .

  4. El primo

    Smoked way too high and in the beginning, it was not too pleasant. Very powerful feeling of anxiety and extreme red eyes and cotton mouth too. Overall a good experience although, the head rush in the beginning was way too intense.

  5. Mike Robes

    The best I have ever had definitely and will try again! If too much of this superb strain is smoke, the user can expect a lack of desire to sleep , a racy heart, and putting do by sensation. I highly recommend this strain for anyone wanting a clear headed yet racy energetic high. I had an ounce of it from this company and it was excellent, and fruity. Would recommend to anyone who’s feeling high levels of stress!

  6. Randy Dumire

    I really enjoyed this strain! With this strain, I can get what I need done during the early hours of the morning and during the day. It’s one of my go to strain to start the day.

  7. Felicia mata

    Have ordered this strain a few times now and will order again, really enjoyed the taste and buzz

  8. Joee Robles

    Bad strain and a waste of money! Concerning customers service, it was super legit 💯

  9. Quinn Joseph

    Definitely a good smoke for a road trip . The scents and flavors are something else. Sweet and sour , grapefruit, citrus and tropical. Head high made me happy than never before, uplifted and energized there by making this strain the best used for daytime. Happy sedation.

  10. Hillary Z.

    I love this great strain & the company as well! Communication was awesome and delivery was fast.

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