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First cultivated by Caña de Espana farms, Godzilla could be a pure Indica strain bred from God Bud genetics. This excellent Indica was named after the monstrous effects it tends to provide, and is reviewed to be both a sedating and euphoric experience strain. At first, customers could notice the sweet tang of cherry and blueberry. On nearer examination, there are also distinct notes of vanilla. Godzilla takes result slowly, step by step revealing itself with AN increasingly weighty feeling within the core and limbs.

Furthermore, this nice Indica strain Godzilla isn’t the most effective alternative for operating your way through AN intense to-do list. several of the strain’s fans opt for maximum comfort once enjoying its significant sedation. This pure Indica is more of a nighttime than a morning smoke, Godzilla has been described as lasting longer than average, even for more experienced smokers.

Concerning the growing information, This great strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, although Caña specifically created the strain for humid, hot-weather climates. This strain plants grow short and bushy, requiring growers to “top” them by trimming any broad fan leaves that can block light and air from reaching low-growing flowering nodes from time to time. This strain when grown either in and outdoors, can produce large yields in roughly 8 to 10 weeks.

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Everything about: Godzilla marijuana Strain online

Godzilla strain may be a 100% pure indica strain that was created by breeders at the Cana DE espana farms.

This pure indica strain may be a composition of the infamous God Bud strain and boasts an average psychoactive drug level of a moderate 15-18%. Godzilla gets its name from its extreme potency and length of its high – it lasts a minimum of 3- four hours on average!


Moreover, this pure Indica strain arrived immediately , after about 5-6 hits , this strain will send a stream of mass in to the eyes and head and buzzing feeling all over the body and mind . Several patients confirmed this nice Indica strain is known to make AN intense happy rush which will quickly take over the body and mind. as the body succumbs to the blissful high, users report an awesome relaxation that slowly takes over, leaving them in an exceedingly couch-lock and body-numbing state. because of this swing from sedation to activation, Godzilla isn’t a perfect medication to be used at night.  Others have recommended that Godzilla’s analgesic properties medically help ease their symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

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Additionally, Properly cultivated buds of this wonderful Godzilla Indica strain can manufacture a complex aroma and flavor, providing the buyer AN aromatic blend of sweet earth, sour berries, and skunk, with a hint of spice on its undertone. once smoked or vaped, its flavor turns tart and fruity, with subtle vanilla notes and pine on the exhale.

Also, This bud of the super Indica strain has bright lime green nugs that are dense and fluffy with purple hues and a blanket of white trichome crystals. This strain can be grown in and outdoors, producing large yields in roughly 8 to 10 weeks.


THC: 18%
Strain type: INDICA


. Calm
. Happy
. Sleepy
. Creative


. Pine
. Mint
. Diesel
. Berry


. Pungent
. Fruity
. Diesel
. Earthy
. Blueberry

Relieve symptoms: 

. Chronic pain
. Anxiety
. Inflammation
. Headaches
. Insomnia
. Stress
. Gastrointestinal disorders

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  1. Iris

    Exactly as expected: superb Indica strain! And fastly delivered too. Thanks!

  2. Caleb Brown

    Great taste has the perfect pain relief stress relief this outdoor has cbd Won’t be around long

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