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Cream Caramel strain may be a delicious Indica cannabis strain sought after for its scent and taste as well as its effects that buyers have said ar useful in serving to numerous conditions related to adhd, chronic pain, depression, crohn’s disease, inflammation, muscle spasms, sleep disorder and nightmares. As its name suggests, this Indica strain as earlier noted Smells of sweet caramel candies or coffee with hints of vanilla and a small amount of skunk.

Grow Infor 

Concerning growing , this wonderful Indica strain is suited for most growing environments. like a typical Indica strain, plants end up rather short and bushy, this great strain adapts alright to many kinds of training methods. a fairly fast grow with only eight to nine weeks needed for maturation, those growers who treat her right are going to be blessed with AN insanely massive yield

Relieve symptoms

. Chronic pain
. Insomnia
. Depression
. Nightmares
. Eye pressure
. Bipolar disorders
. Muscle spasms

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Cream Caramel Strain Online

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Everything Information About Cream Caramel Strain

Cream Caramel strain is taken into account to be a “sweet treat” among its several fans within the cannabis community. This nice strain is primarily AN Indica dominant hybrid strain with a 90:10 Indica/sativa ratio. This strain is made by crossing #1 Maple Leaf, Blue Back and Skunk. With AN astounding 24% mind-altering drug content, Cream Caramel is one amongst the best strains you’ll medicate with. The buds of this nice strain are largely dense and coated with resin. Also, this excellent Indica strain smells rather spicy and sweet with dung and skunk undertones. regarding the taste of this strain, it’s relatively smooth during the inhale all the while being spicy and sweet
at the same time.

Additionally, fans of this nice strain have reported Cream Caramel’s effects to be long-lived, with several experiencing states of deep relaxation, permitting the mind to feel a lot of aware and focused. Once the body high from this great Indica strain knock in, users note a sense of calm physically and mentally. AS such, it is the right evening strain but is more of a ‘sit and keep strain’. one amongst the simplest things concerning this nice Indica strain is that its effects are long lasting, it will last anywhere in between 3 to four hours.


Medically talking, this excellent strain from our store has been reported by some consumers as useful in easing symptoms of ADHD, chronic pain, depression, Crohn’s disease, inflammation, muscle spasms, insomnia and nightmares.


THC: 24% | CBD: 0.1%
Strain type: INDICA


. Happy
. Hungry
. Relaxing
. Body high
. Sleepy

Flavors :

. Coffee
. Honey
. Sweet
. Vanilla
. Buttery
. Caramel


. Vanilla
. Sweet
. Earthy

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You can buy this great Indica strain seeds online from Our Flower Store. We have the best weed products out there in the market. We ship globally. However, we are always 24/7 hours available to respond to you so feel free at any point in any time to contact us.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Good to try don’t regret it or any I’ve gotten from stoners surplus marijuana shop but I will be trying others over this one !

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nice body calming feel! Helps to melt the body stress and tension away. The best product that I have found in years! Best value for great price.

  3. 4 out of 5

    If you suffer from chronic pain this is the best strain. Great physical pain relief, but doesn’t do much for my anxiety or depression, and mileage may vary for migraine relief, doesn’t touch my aura and light sensitivity but did take most of the tension out of my body so that my regular meds were able to completely kick my migraine. Delivery was super fast

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