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Blackberry kush is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Afghani with Blackberry. Blackberry Kush produces relaxing effects, and is often recommended for pain management thanks to its strong body high.. The strain is incredibly potent, especially considering its 20% THC content offering an amazing high. Munchies are also a side-effect of this great Indica strain from our shop . Night time use is recommended since it can cause sleepiness, and reviewers have endorsed it for helping with insomnia.  Black Berry Kush has a lot of medical applications and is prescribed to patients who are unable to cope with nervousness, anxiety and stress

Blackberry Kush medical Benefits

The heavy Indica properties of this strain helps consumers medically in the following ways

Firstly, those marijuana patients who deal with chronic or insomnia
Secondly those who struggle with conditions such as PTSD or Bipolar disorder.
And lastly, patients with stress and anxiety problem

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All About : Blackberry kush

Blackberry Kush, conjointly called “BBK” is AN indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Afghani with Blackberry. Blackberry Kush produces relaxing effects, and is usually recommended for pain management because of its powerful body high.

Blackberry originates from a Dutch company called Nirvana Seeds, first hit the market in 2009. the company set to cross their Raspberry Cough with a potent indica clone called Black Domina. As a result, we have this fruity bud providing a sativa buzz with a tantalizing pull of indica. Afghani genetics and Afghani landrace strains ar considered the backbone of recent day indicas strains therefore with Blackberry coming back from a mixture of Afghani, Mexican, and Vietnamese landraces, then being crossed once more with Afghani, it is simple to understand how the indica designation came to be.

This Indica strain tend to possess a Hashy, jet fuel smell and taste of it balanced by sweet berries. True to it name, the strain taste like sweets berries and as already noted , its nice for treating symptoms like pain, stress and sleep disorder because of the powerful Indica body effects exhibited. Also, with almost 30% THC level, this Indica flower could be a nice treat for the end of your day because of its powerful Indica body effects. What’s extremely superb concerning this  Kush strain is that you would require very little of it to induce the high you would like. However, smoking an excessive amount of this strain can cause you to sleep in no time. This explains why it’s highly most well-liked by patients full of pain and insomnia.


This excellent Indica strain arrived immediately, after three or five hits it sent a stream of mass into the eyes and head, and a buzzing feeling within the feet and joints. a chilled consciousness came around our consumers, putting the brain at peace, however supplying you with a bit slow-witted. Likewise, it had been a lot of satisfactory to stable activities like watching a film or reading a book after that you may fall in to deep sleep for hours.

THC: 16.5 % | CBD:0.2%
Strain type: INDICA
Taste and smells like: Blackberry, Diesel, Earthy, Sweet
Feels like: happy, Sedation, Sleepy, Mellow, Happy, Hungry
Similar strains: Bubba kush, Godfather OG, Tahoe OG
Relieve symptoms: Anxiety, bipolar disorder, Depression, Insomnia, loss of appetite , ptsd and Stress

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7 reviews for Blackberry Kush

  1. King clinton

    It was a great experience ordering blackberry kush from here. On -time delivery,superior quality product, and nice packaging will use this shop over and over !

  2. Jonas montero

    Go for Blackberry Kush without any confusion. I picked it up from this store and it helped me with my pain treatment thanks to it strong body high. Such an energetic product you should try.

  3. Alexia bevil

    A great elevator undoubtedly! Blackberry kush test nice and energetic also! A must -buy product.

  4. Sloppy Alan

    Super awesome strain that takes me in to a different world relaxation. I can function and move around very easily ; However, after some few minutes, I just went to sit and watch TV. Truly one of the best out there! Delivery service was superb

  5. Vergie M. Hopkins

    It’s a low quality strain for me. I rather go in for London pound Cake or even the Godzilla strain.

  6. Ali Jacobs

    Great company!!! Keep up the great work. Fast shipping, great products. So glad I found this company!

  7. Benzo Jones

    Nice flower for the price point.

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