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Amnesia Haze Strain

Often named as AN ‘ultra-hybrid,’ the technically sativa classified Amnesia Haze cannabis strain has AN unbelievably various and dynamic genetic lineage. this can be one aspect that shows the type of precise care and consideration the breeders took over at Soma Seeds to supply this happy-vibes bringing lady.

Some Sativa-dominant varieties include genetics from Cinderella 99Jack Herer, and Skunk #1. However, Dinafem Seeds offers an original amnesia, which can embody genetics from HazeSkunk No. 1, and Northern Lights.

Medical advantages of amnesia

Featuring between 18% and 24% THC, amnesia is beloved by a lot of medical cannabis patients. though amnesia Haze is used by a variety of patients, most likely its most typical use is by patients that have mood disorders. Mood disorders can be especially debilitating, creating it troublesome to perform in day-to-day life, however amnesia Haze weed is here to assist, and that’s specifically what it will.

Firstly marijuana patients in most cannabis communities typically use amnesia Haze to alleviate migraines and tension headaches
Secondly, with jack Herer in its family tree, cannabis patients can count on this herb to elevate moods , which might be useful within the treatment of stress, depression and anxiety.
Lastly the hybrid effects of this strain will give head to toe pain relief.

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Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze Strain on-line UK. amnesia Haze Strain could be a Sativa-dominant herb that has several phenotypes which will leave you feeling elated and energetic. This Haze strain tastes crisp and refreshing, featuring notes of pine trees, lemons, citrus fruits, and earthy goodness. evidently from very good haze strain, you’ll feel a relaxed ANd soothing high which will kickstart an early morning but also can render you a tad forgetful. amnesia usually has a high THC and low CBD profile and produces intense effects that new shoppers ought to watch out for. Its biological science are derived back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, first place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized within the coffee shops of amsterdam. THC of this very good strain is extremely potent, topping 22% in some tests, however CBD is far lower, slightly but 1 Chronicles. In alternative words, this is not a awfully good selection for brain disorder and alternative conditions that ar treated with CBD. however it is a nice alternative for relieving anxiety, depression, fatigue, ADHD, and pain. Nugs of this strain is lightweight green with darker brown strands and a blanket of trichomes. This strain will induce cottonmouth and bloodshort eyes, whereas paranoia and dizziness also are reported.

Grow info

This wonderful strain if grownup outdoors, would require a preponderantly hot climate with systematically high temperatures. It can simply be grownup inside, however, as plants ar more typical of indica varieties, limbs reach additional horizontally than vertically, with a bushy stature that does not typically exceed quite three or four feet. Also, Growers ought to trim broad fan leaves at the top of the plant so as to let air and light-weight reach flowering nodes on the lower branches. amnesia Haze takes a particularly while to mature as plants flower among ten to twelve weeks, creating this a troublesome strain for industrial growers to cultivate for profit.

THC: 22.6% | CBD: 0%
Strain Type: SATIVA
Taste & smells like: Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Piney
Feels: Energetic, Happy, Euphoric.
Similar strains: Skunk #1, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer
Relieve symptoms: Depression, Insomnia, Fatigue, Migraines, appetence loss, Anxiety, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Stress, and ADD/ADHD



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