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Alaskan Thunder Fuck (aka Matanuska Thunder Fuck) could be a sativa whose fragrance is diesel-like with a chocolate undertone. Alaskan Thunder Fuck could be a strain with several names. you’ll be able to additionally realize this sativa beneath the aliases Matanuska Thunder Fuck, Matanuska tundra, Thunder, and ATF.  Some users have reviewed this strain to possess a pungent spicy, floral scent with a citrusy undertone. once harvest is ready, its leaves ar massive and pale green, with dense spear-shaped buds coated in orange hairs and sticky white crystals.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck cannabis strain first blossomed in Matanuska valley north of Anchorage, alaska and is the female offspring of indica Afghani and Northern California Sativa. It gained recognition once it won placement within the CBD section of the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in san francisco, California.

Its psychoactive drug content averages between 12%-15%. Its high is delineated as fast-acting, lasting, and relieves aches throughout the body ,also as increasing appetite. Expect the high psychoactive drug content of this strain to sneak up on you. Due to its creative and ascent nature, Alaskan Thunder Fuck may be a nice strain for daytime use. It will produce cerebral activity, enhancing social engagements and ability for a few. However, this strain has been wide celebrated to be used medically since its birth within the 70s.

Medical advantages of Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain’s wide selection of medicinal advantages has made it vastly popular within the medical marijuana community.

Muscle spasms and different chronic body pain ar mitigated by this strain’s relaxing effects
Those who ask for cannabis-based relief but need to still move can rejoice; the boost of energy this strain provides which makes it good for daytime use (no high thoughts with it!)

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain (Alaskan Thunderfuck), marijuana strain could be a potent Sativa that originates from Mataniska valley in Alaska. Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain buds typically provide massive, beautifully frosted bud with incredibly robust odors of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk. best-known for possessing a calming yet intensely happy high, it’s additionally represented as having a “creeper” impact as well as pronounced appetite enhancement. Uplifts mood, and alleviates depression. Relieves stress, and will increase mental focus as well. This very good strain is smoked in the morning or within the day thanks to its rise characteristics. once it comes to smoking the strain, you’ll not imagine something higher. It has an awfully robust banana and orange taste, which can leave a spicy aftertaste in your mouth for hours. it’ll cause you to feel a bit more talkative and inventive occasionally. However the Alaskan Thunder Fuck is way higher at treating various medical conditions through its cerebral high. As already mentioned in the top paragraph, it’s wonderful for pain relief and for those people tormented by eating disorders. with the exception of supplying you with the munchies, it’ll do wonders for you if you’re suffering from depression or stress. Fans of Jack Herer could get pleasure from the classic contemporary lemony-pine notes of ATF. Since ATF is understood for its intensely cerebral head high, those liable to sensitivity might want to require a conservative first puff or 2 and see how it affects them.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Growing Info

Grow info True to its name and heritage, ATF produces a much better harvest once fully grown in an outside, colder climate. Growing outdoors produces tall plants. If fully grown outdoors, yields are often up to thirty-two oz per plant. If growing inside, flowering happens in 8-9 weeks. THC: 17%.50%  |  CBD: 0%.55% Strain Type: SATIVA Taste & smells like: Earth, Musky, Pine Feels like: Euphoric, Energetic, Uplifted, Happy, Creative


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13 reviews for Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

  1. King. Poppy

    I just received my package and the bud looks great Haven’t had the chance to try it out but all looks great ⛽️💯. Thank you so much for the post you do. Are you looking for wholesale deals ? Buy Alaskan thunder fuck strain online in stoners surplus shop y’all.

  2. Lennon poole

    Best company .I love your work keep up and don’t slow down I would buy again. The sativa is real ⛽️.

  3. Jaiden Bly

    Although my package lacks half gram to complete a qp, I appreciate the strain. And I know human being make mistakes too but I’ll appreciate if you guys complete in my next order. You guys should keep up your good post one of the resinous strains I have ever had. Best quality best prices as well. Would refer my homies to order it asap!

  4. Michael R Sagers

    Delivery was really slow and I am not really happy about it! Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain are on sale here containing top quality cannabis. I inhaled it and it’s pretty fire and doesn’t disappoint! Just WOW! Will like to recommend my friends to order!

  5. Maddy

    Really one of my go strains. It has an uplifting effects good for daytime use. Package was well wrapped and the product was superb at every level and as such, I will definitely become a repeat customer and will also recommend.

  6. Drew

    Super earthy strain! After smoking for 9 years, have yet to encounter a bud like this. Highly recommended as it may help those with attention deficit disorders to sustain focus on a single task. Delivery was great.

  7. Junior martin

    This is a great sativa with a true unique smell/ taste profile. I’ve never run across any sativa strain like this. Well grown strain with a great daytime high, I really enjoyed this strain and will grab some more this weekend. Services were super fast and safe. Will recommend too!

  8. Alex Gonmay

    This is an excellent sativa with a truly unique smell and taste profile. I’ve never run across any thing like this . Well grown and with a great daytime high.

  9. Colton Ford

    I really enjoyed this strain! I can get what I need done during the day. This is one of my go to strain for daytime. This great strain also helped me get through my day without pain or sleep! Highly recommended for those patients suffering from pain issues.

  10. Martin Torres

    Damn! Incredible quality strain. After smoking for 5 years have yet to encounter a strain like this.. All time favourite strain ending out the Godzilla strain.

  11. Brianna L.

    My mom loved it! Arrived at the estimated shipping date and received extra details about postage from the seller!! Thank you stoners surplus marijuana shop

  12. Alfred Corral

    Good quality. I add it to my smoke blend.

  13. Tony Brice

    This strain normally brings the proper dosage and the high is lasting however this last deal performed like an indica and caused paranoia while awake. So I slept

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