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AC/DC CBD strain produces a medium sized bud that are quite airy but have a generous dose of trichromes throughout the surface of the flower. Upon combust, strong citrusy aroma on notable straight away with a follow up of organic sweetness to contradict the sour tanginess. This variety contains the following cannabinoid profile: THC 0.5%- 1.5% , CBD 11%- 19%.

Medical Advantages of  ACDC strain

Due to ACDC higher than average CBD content, it’s going to be able to perform as a helpful strain in aiding those that suffer from a spread of significant medical conditions, specifically: seizures, muscle spasms, Nerve pain, chronic pain, stress , psychosis and anxiety, sleep disorder and depression. several others may also notice some solace with the assistance of ACDC cannabis , as its relaxing characteristics and its ability to form customers focus for greater periods of time ar basically universal types of medical aid.
Moreover, ACDC tends to bring a light-weight ascent in mood  keeping those with mental diseases removed from negative thoughts patterns that turn out any unhappiness, stress, anxiety and depression.
Lastly, there are several instances wherever folks have found it tough to treat a particular ill with typical medicine , but have found  serious strains like (ACDC strain) to produce wide help. for instance people with brain disease

GROW info

The strain reportedly grows to average height, manufacturing skinny leaves and medium yields of massive, dewy buds. The strain grows best inside and in heat environments. It’s reportable to flower in 63-70 days, presumably longer in colder areas.

Additionally the ACDC clone generally produces short, bushy plants with skinny leaves that tend to grow about four feet tall.

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ACDC Strain Online:

Buy ACDC Strain Online has a genetic phenotype found in the high CBD strain Cannatonic (also called” the CBD Queen) that was chosen by Dr. William Courtney once receiving an assortment of seeds from the original stock farmer, a Spanish-based resin seeds. ACDC strain for sale in Europe online, is use for pain, anxiety, sleep and depression. It is a hybrid variety. ACDC CBD hemp flower is believe to have a calming effect without the intoxication. It is a potent variety that is a CBD dominant hybrid with an CBD for mind-altering medication quantitative ratio of 20.1. Regarding hemp flower appearance. Additionally, this weed variety is a beautiful green hue, and clean orange hairs. The flowers of ACDC Strain Near Me hemp are tight, but flexible.

This strain is able to help various conditions, such as Ms and nerve pain as well as epilepsy and PTSD. The majority of them have zero psychoactive effects. Although they do not give off any effects psychoactive. High-CBD cannabis strains such as AC/DC are in high demand due to their intoxicating and non-intoxicating and 100% natural type that aids in medical treatment.

ACDC Strain Information:

Furthermore, this hybrid variety has been award numerous awards and awards. In the cannabis world, which most people associate cannabis in terms of potency however, this strain is completely different. It has as high than 24% CBD which makes it a powerful treatment for epilepsy and seizures.

Even though in the cannabis community the majority of cannabis strains are intended to make you feel high , have a few good laughter, and alter your brain’s chemistry until you’re not taking life too seriously There is a world of pot that has its sole goal is to heal your mind and body without psychoactive effects.

  • THC: .85%
  • CBD: 18%
  • Type of Strain: HYBRID
  • The smell and taste is similar to The scent and taste of: Spice, citrus sweet
  • Feels like the following: Focus, uplifted and Feels like: Focus, uplifted, happy
  • Similar Strains: Cannatonic, Mk Ultra, G13 Haze

Where To Buy ACDC Strain:

ACDC Weed Strain is distinct from other cannabis strains because of its very low THC levels and its incredibly high CBD levels. With THC between 1 and 6 percent, it has almost no psychoactive impact. CBD levels have been found to be about 20 percent, which is much, much more than the normal amount of 0.05 percent.

A cross of Ruderalis and Cannatonic Strain The result is a balanced hybrid that is fifty percent Sativa with fifty percent Indica. Some instances have been observe to be slightly Sativa in addition. This strain has been awarded a number of Cannabis Cup awards due to its large CBD content ACDC Strain For Sale Near Me.

The scent of ACDC Strain Review is sweet, earthy and skunky. Some may smell like fruit. When inhaling the herb, people may be able detect the lemongrass and cherry aroma more clearly. The buds are firm but they’re soft. The color is green and hairs that are orange. Find different methods of delivery including teas, capsules or tinctures, as well as lotions. Where To Buy ACDC Strain.

For recreational users, it is best to be cautious about this because its appearance is more similar to hemp ACDC Strain Buy. Patients who are medically ill, particularly those suffering from serious disorders such as epilepsy, should consider it. The medical conditions ACDC Strain Information could help with include alcoholism, cancer seizures, and extreme pain. Patients with less severe illnesses may also take this drug.

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11 reviews for ACDC Strain

  1. Dray

    This great strain does help me with my pain issue. Doesn’t feel too much high . I am in it for the medical qualities it renders to my life, so it is perfect for me and anyone facing same issues.

  2. Bronuts Max

    Hope they can creat more strains like this great ACDC strain I ordered from this company two weeks back ! This strain really helped me deal with this Covid Bs ! I really fall for this strain more than the Harlequin strain I ordered last week. It gave me the proper amount of focus while obliterating my anxiety. Definitely recommend and will use again . Thank you !

  3. _400lilman

    This strain rocks! It’s so clean and enjoyable. Really sets the mind at ease! I vape this strain and my stomach pain had to subsides almost instantly.

  4. Yb-exotics

    Amazing strain for anxiety, depression and inflammation issues. Highly recommended for medical marijuana patients! Strains like ACDC has been totally a life saver for me and I hope it remains available in this company as times goes on.

  5. Tony Brain

    It really has help me deal with this COVID BS ! I hope this company was base here in Canada! The strain also rocks so clean and enjoyable. Really set the mind at ease.

  6. Alexandria Havens

    This great strain really helped me with my pain issues! Not much high but I am in it for the medical qualities the strain renders to me ! Highly recommended.

  7. Benicio Bentley

    Love this smoke will be buying again

  8. James Nolove

    Taste like radish water, moldy taste. More of a head high than body high. For me , I found this strain to be weak. I’ve been a heavy smoker and this got me barely buzzed. Won’t order this particular strain again.

  9. Billy Smith

    A good hybrid strain to be honest. Just got sum yesterday I live in the hood in NY this shit is fire for real . We custom to this strain.

  10. Anthony Olivia

    It was great for me to sell the scent! It’s so amazing. Was very surprised at not only the initial qualities of this excellent strain but the effects its renders to human system too. Suffering from arthritis random joint pain from work and chronic Migraines! It’s very helpful. It really motivates the system to do things.

  11. Bobby OG Johnson

    Great product

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