TetraLabs GoldCaps CBD 25mg

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The gold standard for delivering strong, reliable doses of medical-grade cannabis, GoldCaps soft gels comes in 25mg of medication per capsule, with zero odor or taste.  A perfect choice for patients looking for discreet methods to medicate, GoldCaps are the #1 product recommended for seriously ill patients seeking natural relief.

GoldCaps dosages are dependable, adjustable and repeatable. In addition, they have a long shelf life when properly stored.



TetraLabs GoldCaps CBD 25mg once swallow, will let you go about your business with all-day relief.  TetraLabs GoldCaps CBD 25mg once not available, you can use the faster-acting GoldMist Oral Spray as if it were a breath freshener. Or get instant relief with the GoldPen Vaporizer, which looks just like an electronic cigarette and precisely vaporizes PureGold without combustion. Or use PureGold Squeeze Tubes to refill the Gb boldPen or other vaporizers.

Medicate discreetly. Anywhere. Anytime.  TetraLabs products are smoke-free so you can use them anywhere, anytime. There’s no combustion and no unhealthy combustion byproducts. No cloud of smoke and no marijuana smell.TetraLabs prides itself on products that have a low dose, low abuse potential and a pharmaceutical form factor. TetraLabs products are specifically formulated and packaged for patients who are seriously ill, want a natural alternative but also want a customary medical form factor. For example, a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy who has been taking synthetically-derived Marinol as an anti-emetic, may switch to naturally-derived GoldCaps as an equivalent and natural alternative.

2 reviews for TetraLabs GoldCaps CBD 25mg

  1. Ryder Gladney

    Ordered a couple of products from this website including TetraLabs GoldCaps CBD and they arrived safely. Can’t fault the customer service and products quality. Best shop so far and will order again.

  2. Cory Bigham

    this product is great for pain relief especially for patients suffering from issues such as cancer

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