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Is Weed Addictive? What Causes Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana Addiction Information online Stonerssurplusshop. Marijuana Addiction can really be problematic for some of its users in most cannabis communities. Addiction in years back has been mostly popular with drugs like cocaine and alcohol, but it is possible to get hooked on marijuana. Marijuana addiction occurs when an individual use of the drug disrupts their daily activities, ability to get work completed, and relationship .This is commonly known as cannabis disorder by the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. This simply means you can’t stop using marijuana for the rest of your life even if you want to. Other signs of addiction include using more than intended, neglecting responsibility in favor of marijuana use , tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms.

Studies shows that about 4 million people struggled with marijuana addiction in 2014-2015 , and over 200,000 sought for its treatment in 2016-2017.


The National institute on drugs Abuse (NIDA) reports that 30% of people who use marijuana will develop problems with its use disorder. The following are signs of marijuana use disorder.

Signs of marijuana use disorder

. Firstly, the consumer will begin to need increasingly large doses of cannabis everyday
. Secondly, before they wake up, they will spend more of their time thinking of using the product
. Additionally, substances use will begin to take a central role in their life.
. Also, once addicted, the consumer will spend more of His/ Her money to acquire the product instead of acquiring some daily house needs.
. Furthermore, the consumer will become more arrogant if He run out of the cannabis! This is because it is already like medication to the consumers and without the product, they can’t laugh or play.
. As negative effects mount, they will continue to use and will deny claims to those around them that everything is cool because they have changed which exactly is not the truth.

To meet the criteria for a cannabis use disorder, a person must exhibit at least 2 of the above symptoms in highest a 10-11 months period.

The most common signs of cannabis use disorder experience by users in most cannabis communities are physical dependence and withdrawal.

Marijuana Dependence

We first of all focus on the dependence part of it . Most experts today agree that dependence on a substance is accompanied by a buildup of tolerance to that particular product, requiring increasingly larger amounts to get the same effects, thereby leading to withdrawal symptoms when the consumer stop using the product. Most marijuana smokers in nearly most cannabis communities experienced neither tolerance nor withdrawal.

Most research in to marijuana addiction revealed that marijuana use rarely produced tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. But with high quality cannabis strains today such as Peanut butter crunch strain, Golden Redwood Hemp flower, OG kush, Harlequin, and Bubba Kush, tolerance and withdrawal may be common. This is because the marijuana today is more powerful than the marijuana of 1960s containing higher levels of active ingredient delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , which is the psychoactive component in cannabis today.

However, it has been discovered that marijuana dependence may affect your ability to respond to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which allows humans to feel pleasure. It really proves that those who have marijuana dependence has fewer positive emotions, higher stress levels, and increased irritability.

Marijuana withdrawal

Recent research proves that tolerance does develop to THC and that withdrawal symptoms for real do occur in some people. Studies also shows that those who chronically used and then later quit from smoking marijuana experience the following withdrawal sides effects.

. Appetite loss
. Anxiety
. Excessive salivation
. Decreased pulse
. Irritability
. Increase mood swings and increase in aggressive behavior.

In most cases, it’s believed that because today’s bud is much more potent, it makes it more likely that some people will develop physiologic dependence on it.

Even if not physically or chemically dependent, on the cannabis consumption, some people will develop a psychological dependence upon the drug. This often persists despite a person knowing they have a dependence or wanting to quit from consuming cannabis.


They are lots of reasons which might causes someone to become dependent on marijuana. This doesn’t exactly mean that you will develop an addiction to marijuana if you experience one of these factors. Some of them include;


Marijuana today is not like marijuana of yesterday. Marijuana is made up of many high quality components such as delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) , which are sometimes very high to people who use marijuana. High THC is known as the substance that will make any consumer feel high while CBD only got or promotes only a feeling of relaxation.

Reports from the NIDA proves that the higher potency of marijuana available today in regard to it’s THC levels may actually be a great factor in the rising number of consumer causing a problem. This is because today’s weed actually contains more THC than in the past. Marijuana that is consumed from products that are made from marijuana extract such as solvent based oil, contains between 54% to about 80% THC which when consumed, cause some people to get more use to it rather than withdrawal.


The age people begin to smoke will also be a great factor that can influence marijuana addiction. Experts are finding a link between the age you begin using cannabis and the certain age that you would develop a dependence on it. One study found that people who used cannabis starting at the early age like from 14 years to 15 years, had a higher probability of developing dependence on marijuana. But on the other hand, people who starts by the age of 18 upwards will not really develop that same dependence on marijuana consumption. The probability is really low on their end.


A person who’s in to smoking marijuana all day has a great chance of developing dependence to it as compared to someone who smokes twice a month.


Mental health is one of the greatest reasons why some people in most cannabis communities are dependent on marijuana. The anxiety or depression disorder has cause some people to be more dependent on marijuana in trying to get self medication.


There are lots of side effects associated with cannabis use disorder . People more involved in may suffer from symptoms like; Low ability to control emotions, memory loss, difficult in decisions making, trouble concentrating and decrease problem solving skills.


People who abuse marijuana usually decide to seek for help sometimes when their use of it becomes more painful due to increasing negative consequences. Many who do seek treatment for abuse of marijuana do so due to pressure from their lovely family members, friends and employers. there are many types of treatment for cannabis use disorder. These include specific types of therapy.

Firstly, the motivational enhancement therapy will be of great help to anyone trying to quit dependent on marijuana. This focuses much on a person’s internal attitudes and believes. A therapist would help you to create statements that reflects why you want to stop using marijuana, and together you can create an action plan to quit.

Secondly, certain lifestyle changes may help you reduce or stop marijuana use. A good example will be a change of social environment. It can be more challenging to quit cannabis when those around you still use it. But if you change your friends type to deal only with those from environments where cannabis is not mustly used, then there is a great advantage of quitting it.

Additionally, to completely quit from cannabis , you will need to focus on the reasons why you want to quit: if you remind yourself of the reasons you want to quit cannabis, you might feel more motivated. Try noting some of the points somewhere like on a notebook then keep in your bedroom so you can see it everyday.


While most people in most cannabis communities do not develop an addiction, getting addicted to weed is possible! As such it will be advisable if you think any of your family member is addicted to marijuana to meet a doctor who will probably guide He/ She on the steps to take to stop the addiction.

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