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Marijuana legalization for medical research

Marijuana legalization for medical research
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Marijuana legalization for medical research online information stonerssurplusshop. Marijuana legalization for medical research was published march 8 2022 at about 9:11am by An- li Harring /WESA a reporter who had completed her law degree from Stanford.

A Pennsylvania company becomes the first in United States to raise marijuana legally for medical research. For over 0.5 a century, federal law stopped all private-sector firms from commercialism the Schedule I drug for medical analysis. however royal house County-based Groff North America aforementioned it became the primary business within the country last month to bring a cannabis crop to promote de jure for scientific study.

Originally a hemp company, the Pennsylvania firm was one of simply four across the country to win approval from the U.S. Drug social control Agency last spring to sell their product for medical and scientific functions. Before, researchers had been restricted since 1968 to victimization solely cannabis from a middle at the University of Mississippi.

Groff North America founder and chief medical man, Dr. Steven Groff, referred to as the easing of Drug Enforcement Agency policy “a Brobdingnagian catalyst to unleashing the yankee scientific community.”

“For the primary time, real-world marijuana are obtainable to researchers throughout the country,” he said. “We’re operating with a number of the highest establishments in America in providing new sorts of material that thus far wasn’t obtainable from Mississippi.”

Groff aforementioned those things embrace the vaping and oil product that patients will already acquire within the thirty seven states wherever medical marijuana is legal.

“Medical cannabis has very exploded in America over the last twenty five years,” Groff aforementioned. “The horse has left the barn, and America has set it desires access to cannabis in a technique or another. The [federal] government must very catch up as will the scientific community.”

Marijuana remains a Schedule I drug underneath federal law, that means it belongs to the category of controlled substances most tightly regulated by the national. The designation restricts research into cannabis’ potential uses.

Following its initial federally-sanctioned harvest, Groff North America was needed to show the crop over to the law enforcement agency before shopping for it back and commerce it. That transfer transpire Gregorian calendar month. 2, per the corporate, that same it absolutely was the primary such group action between a for-profit business and therefore the national. Groff same the method may be a formality needed underneath a international organisation accord that aims to forestall abuse.

Groff noted that the Drug Enforcement Agency spent nearly twenty months running background checks, conducting inspections, and winnowing through work before allowing his company to grow cannabis for analysis functions. the corporate is needed to take care of intensive security measures and body safeguards to forestall the larceny of its product, Groff said.

But despite the price of compliance, he aforementioned the printing operation of business comes with heaps of top side.

We see variety of opportunities to produce revenue, then ultimately our long-run play is to be a pharmaceutical manufacturer of variety of cannabis-based medication,” he said.

So far, Groff North America has roughly ten customers, starting from major universities to massive chemical corporations, in line with Groff.

We expect that variety to expand considerably, each among the analysis community so [with] medical aid in alternative countries,” he said.

Groff North America’s 15-member employees is equally poised to grow, Groff said.

Beyond provision marijuana to different entities, the corporate plans to develop treatments together with different corporations, Groff said. associate degree early project can explore the likelihood of victimisation bound cannabinoids as antibiotics to treat MRSA, a sort of bacterium that causes severe skin and soft-tissue infections. additionally, Groff aforesaid he sees potential to form medications for anxiety, sleep issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

“It’s a strong plant. It’s a tremendous plant,” he aforesaid of marijuana. “But there’s such a lot additional we are able to do with it once we start to actually check up on the information and maximize its potential.”

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How to pass a urine drug test 2022

How to pass a urine drug test

How to pass a urine drug test. How to pass a urine drug test online information stonerssurplusshop 2022.

Some stoners insist that the only way to pass a urine drug test after Consuming marijuana strains like Green crack, Gorilla glue strain, OG kush, Peanut butter crunch strain, Banana OG strain, Bubblegum strain and the Alaskan thunder fuck strain is to just wait it out .A drug test is required for a variety of reasons. One of the most prevalent reasons is to look for work. Most organizations place such a high value on drug testing because they understand that a well-run drug-testing program ensures a safe and productive workplace

However, over time, the marijuana metabolites that drug testers are looking for , will make their way out of your system naturally. But for drugs like weed it will stays in a person system at least for a month, most people don’t have time.
That’s why a multitude of products are available on the market to help pass a drug test in 24 hours or even less. If you need to pass a drug test this year 2022, here are our 3 best ways to beat on. Firstling we recommend synthetic urine because it’s what labs use to test their equipment. As long as it’s warm you’ll pass your drug test. Many come with heating powder to make it easy.

Secondly, fruit pectin will also play an important rule when testing drug test in urine. And lastly would be a detox program consisting of detox drinks or even detox pills.

Also, some great industry like professional sports, education and medical care employers drug test to maintain positive public perception . But most employers don’t have to drug test potential or current employees for drug use especially when concerning marijuana. Trade- claims that between 40 and about up to 65% of the today’s employers look to drug test or drug screen employees or potential hire whether they required to or not. So the question is why do employers drug test? This is all about liability . They don’t really need any intoxicated employees getting injured on the job.

How to pass a urine drug test
Best ways to pass urine drug test 2022

How to pass a drug test in 2022 ! What you need to know

Need to know how to pass a drug test for weed ?“How to pass a urine test” is one of the most searched phrases on Google, so it’s pretty clear that there are a lot of people who are in the same position as you. With some substances that can remain in your urine for months at a time, you have several options and ways to consider when getting tested and ensure a clean pass. The first is to simply attempt to flush it out of your system entirely. In the past, people have commonly suggested drinking excessive amounts of cranberry juice to remove marijuana from your pee. People often react by buying jugs of cranberry cocktail juice and drinking it daily until their drug testing date. These detox methods are not scientifically supported because there is no set amount to drink to guarantee clean results. One guaranteed way to pass a drug test is to abstain from drug use altogether. But I understand that it’s not entirely possible for some people especially if we’re talking about recreational drug use. Many people do not know when they will be tested; thus, they want a fast-acting treatment. If you do not have time to go on a 5 or 10-day cleanse, detox drinks are a great option. As marijuana legalization spreads and more adults smoke pot , more adults are at risk . People will be forced to submit to a drug test. Luckily, stuff stoners have put together a super in-depth field guide on how to pass a Drug test. It’s probably like the guide on how to beat a drug test on interwebs. Keep in mind there are several drug test out there including hair, saliva, and blood drug test and we will touch on how to beat all of them in this spot. But most adults are forced to take a urine test. Which feels like a horrible invasion of privacy . Certain peeps in certain safety sensitive industries like health care, defense ,law enforcement and transportation, should be drug tested. Federal law requires it and that’s understandable.

Some industries like professional sports , education and medical care employers drug test to maintain positive public perception . But most employers don’t have to drug test potential or current employe

test for drug use- especially cannabis use. Trade claims that between 40 to 65 % of today’s employers drug test? It’s all about liability. They don’t need any intoxicated employees getting injured on the job.

Is marijuana toxic to cats?

Is marijuana toxic to cats
Is marijuana toxic to cats
CBD for pets/ medical marijuana

Is marijuana toxic to cats? is marijuana toxic to cats information online 2022. Many pets owners online and in most cannabis communities this year 2022, want to know if their cat will experience any problems when inhaling second hand pot smoke , especially when eating marijuana brownies, or chewing on the leaves of the plant. While several cat owners in most cannabis communities think marijuana is just another form of catnip , it’s true that there’s a drastic difference. Is marijuana toxic to cats

What you need to know about catnip and marijuana

Catnip is a plant that comes from the mint family. The perennial herb has downy leaves, purple spotted white flowers, and a pungent smell that makes cats goes crazy when ever they smelled and crazy when eaten. Additionally, marijuana on the other hand, comes from a plant called cannabis sativa. The chemical in cannabis that produces the altered states of consciousness humans called Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol or simply in a short term THC .

Furthermore, marijuana in most situations is prescribed for relief from pain and nausea due to symptoms of chemotherapy disorders in cancer patients, and for certain conditions in AIDS patients. However, it’s still questionable whether there’s anything beneficial in plant for feline friends. In fact, it’s strongly recommended that cats do not come close to any smoke from marijuana use, or any other smoke from cigarettes, cigar or even pipes.

Is marijuana toxic to cats
Is getting cats high safe



The most common ways cats are exposed to marijuana strains such as Bubba kush strain, Banana OG strain, Bubblegum strain, Harlequin strain and the Green crack strain is by inhaling smoke from these strains or ingesting dried marijuana. Although people who have experimented with smoking catnip becomes happy and relaxed, cats should not be exposed or forced to smoke any substance.

However, because of the cumulative effects of inhaling any kind of smoke, it is inadvisable to smoke marijuana anywhere near a cat , especially one with asthma or other lungs diseases. It’s important to be mindful of this as humans are able to make educational decisions around topics like these, while cats are not.

In some cases, cats may nibble on the leaves and/or buds of the growing marijuana plant. Humans may also feed their cats with cookies or brownies made with marijuana. This is a double whammy of injury to the cat, as the brownies and/ or cookies may also contain chocolate, which is toxic to cats on its own.


According to the American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (ASPCA) , your cat may experience extreme sleepiness or excitation, hypersalivation, dilated pupils, or low blood pressure. There may also be instances of low body temperature or even death ( although it is really rare) . Additional symptoms most commonly observed include the following:

Incoordination, falling over Depression, sometimes alternating with agitation or anxiety vomiting
Bradycardia (slow heart rate)
Seizures , sometimes coma

If your cat demonstrates any of the above symptoms , you should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. If you have reasons to believe your cat was exposed to marijuana smoke or has ingested marijuana in any form, it is really good to mention this to the vet as well. Asap treatment to these symptoms may ameliorate the most severe symptoms, and even save your cat’s life.


The American veterinary medical association (AVMA) published several articles about marijuana treatment and drugs monitoring programs for animals which if followed would helped survive many of them espionage this year 2022. In 2017, AVMA House of delegates members urged the Association to develop policies and guidance around marijuana treatments at the veterinary information Forum. One of the topics which was discussed included increase of toxicity cases. Delegates like Dr . Dick Sullivan encourage more research to be performed and for the national association to write to or petition the FDA in order to address marijuana issues to clients.

Another article published in june 2013 tackled veterinary marijuana and pet owners whom are looking to legalize marijuana for painful symptoms of diseases. The article quoted a woman who owned a 12 year old Labrador -retriever type of dog which had a tumor of the spleen metastasized to his liver and lungs . Unfortunately, this dog has been given two months to live. And the tramadol given to cure pains was not exactly doing the job and the poor dog was in pain and inactive.

Because California had already legalized marijuana for humans, the dog’s owner was able to pay glycerin tincture of marijuana that’s sold as a pet medicine in licensed medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Los Angeles. This helped the dog improved on its activities and ease of pain was such that the pet owner recommended the medicine to other dog owners.


Under the same circumstances, it’s understandable that many pet owners wouldn’t hesitate to give medical marijuana to their own cats in times of similar symptoms too if the marijuana were available in their own states too. Thus, there’s need to be more research and medicines for cats experiencing pain.

Until legal for vets to prescribe cannabis to pets , they won’t have the authority to prescribe the drug . Overconsumption of THC May also create serious health risks in cats system. However, Hemp based treatments high in Cannabidiol (CBD) can help. With more research, it’s possible that there’s a dosage that can help cats with conditions like inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD) , pancreatitis, arthritis, and even cancer as they are Hemp vitamins and oils that can act as medication for your cat.

Can cannabis prevent COVID ? Maybe-but not by smoking it , experts say .what to know

Can cannabis prevent COVID
Can cannabis prevent COVID
Can cannabis prevent COVID

Can cannabis prevent COVID information online Stonerssurplusshop. A study that suggests components of cannabis can prevent coronavirus infections has been sparked quite a buzz on social media today the 13 January 2022. Can cannabis prevent COVID what you need to know below.

The research was conducted at Oregon State University and led by Richard van Breemen, a scientist with Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center, College of Pharmacy, and Linus Pauling Institute. And in case you’re wondering, smoking weed won’t protect against the virus, experts say.

The study suggests two cannabis sativa plant compounds – CBGA and CBDA could help prevent coronavirus and its emerging variants from infecting humans kidney cells in a laboratory, peer also reviewed study by researchers at Oregon state university.

In the study, these compounds were able to bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein -the same target used in COVID-19 vaccines and antibody therapy. Once bound, this step could block a critical step in the pathogen process used to infect the cell according to a Jan. 10 university news release about the research.

The work has attracted loads of attention and says that alongside vaccines, “ small -molecules therapeutic agents are needed to treat or prevent infection “by coronavirus.

They bind to the spike proteins so those proteins can’t bind to the ACE2 enzyme, which is abundant on the outer membrane of endothelial cells in the lungs and other organs,” said van Breemen in a statement.

They further added “ All this time we’ve been listening to CDC , we should have been eating CBD “, Joke comedian Jimmy Kimmel on TV Jan 12 about the study , mentioning another cannabis compound that’s sometimes legally solid in stores , the New York Times reported.

Hemp, part of the species Cannabis sativa, is one of the cannabis species grown for industrial and medicinal use, including in dietary supplements, animal feed, and cosmetics.

Van Breemen states these compounds can be taken orally. To him, they have the potential to prevent and treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.

“The first thing to note before everyone goes out tries to prevent COVID-19 infection via pot smoking is that these are in vitro experiments “, Dr . Michael Beazely , and associate professor at the university of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, told McClatchy News.

This means human kidney cells were tested , not humans themselves.

Additionally, “the study used Hemp derived CBD and CBG -A in quantities virtually impossible to obtain from smoking weed “ former cannabis lawyer kirk Tousaw pointed out . Visit the Covid-19 information center for vaccine resource.


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Is cannabis good or bad for your health?

Is cannabis good or bad for your health?

Cannabis good or bad for your health information online Stonerssurplusshop. Cannabis good or bad for your health, According to the National Institutes of Health, people have used marijuana, or cannabis, to treat their ailments for at least 3,000 years. However, the Food and Drug Administration have not deemed marijuana safe or effective in the treatment of any medical condition, although cannabidiol, a substance that is present in marijuana, received approval in June 2018 as a treatment for some types of epilepsy. In this blog, we will have a look at the various benefits and risk or disadvantages associated with cannabis in Uk, Europe and USA. Let’s get started!

Is cannabis good or bad for your health?

Medical benefits of cannabis consumption ( marijuana,weed)

Over the years, there have been many research findings that suggest that cannabis is indeed beneficial in the treatment of certain diseases and conditions. Let’s have a closer look at some of them!

Firstly, Weed helps in relieving chronic pain: – It is common knowledge that chronic pain is a major cause of disability, in populations of different countries, around the world, and the UK is no exception to this. It has been found in many reviews and studies that cannabinoids, which are the active ingredient in cannabis, are pretty effective in relieving chronic pain. If you are in UK and have been planning to use cannabis to get some relief from your chronic pain, especially with strains such as peanut butter crunch, Bubblegum strain and Bubba kush , then there are many online stores that you could consider for buying Cannabis in UK.

Secondly, Marijuana may help with alcohol and drug addiction: – It has been found out in many studies and researches, that cannabis can prove very effective in fighting alcohol and opioid addictions. This analysis needs to be taken with a pinch of a salt because other studies suggest that cannabis can increase the dependence on other substances. The house is thus divided, but there have been many cases of people who have successfully fought their alcohol and opioid addictions through cannabis consumption. If you are planning to use cannabis to treat alcohol and drug addiction, then there are many online stores that you consider to buy Cannabis in UK.

Additionally, Cannabis may help in treating symptoms of mental illness: – There have been studies which suggest that cannabis is pretty effective in treating symptoms of mental illness and also PTSD symptoms. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, then it is highly advised that you buy and consume Cannabis strains such as peanut butter crunch, OG kush, Blue Dream strain and Bubblegum strain in UK. It has been used with success by many people around the world for relieving depression and the same can work for you, if and when you source and consume Cannabis in UK, from some of the many online stores out there. There is contradictory evidence out there which suggests that cannabis may or not help with social anxiety. It definitely is not recommended for mental health conditions like bipolar disorder and psychosis.

The health risks of cannabis (Disadvantages of using cannabis)

Now that we have established the different health benefits of cannabis, it’s time to move to the other end of the spectrum and have a look at the different health risks commonly associated with cannabis, so that our readers can make an informed decision for themselves, as to whether to buy or not buy Cannabis in UK.

To begin with, despite the so many advantages that cannabis renders to most cannabis consumers in most cannabis communities, Cannabis (weed, Marijuana) can cause mental health problems: – Cannabis if consumed on a daily basis can worsen the symptoms of people who have bipolar disorders. There is also evidence which suggest that regular cannabis consumption can be the cause of suicidal thoughts in users and such users also run the high risk of being depressed, as a result of the regular and prolonged use of cannabis. If you have an underlying bipolar disorder then you should refrain from cannabis consumption and shouldn’t source Cannabis in UK, from the many online stores out there.

Furthermore, Cannabis consumption may cause testicular cancer: – There have been many studies that altogether negate the link between consuming cannabis and cancer, but there is still moderate evidence out there which suggests that in some cases, regular cannabis consumption can cause a slow-growing subtype of testicular cancer.

Lastly, too much cannabis consumption may cause respiratory diseases; it is common knowledge that cannabis consumption on a continuous basis and in huge quantities can cause a chronic cough. There are conflicting studies that show the effect of cannabis on worsening lungs function. But just to be on the safe end, the consumption of cannabis beyond its medical use or prescription is strongly discouraged. Though seldom use of cannabis is considered harmless, the user may have to face a lot of detrimental effects on His/ Her own health, if He or She engages in heavy consumption of cannabis on a regular basis.

The health associations, across the world, are divided in their conclusions as to whether cannabis consumption is harmful or beneficial for health. Unless you have underlying health conditions, there are actual benefits of cannabis consumption, way more than its detrimental effects and you can go ahead and buy weed in UK. If you are using cannabis for recreational use, you need to ensure that you do so in limits and not become dependent on it. Because dependence on anything, good or bad, has its ill-effects and cannabis is no exception to that rule. One more thing to consider to source cannabis from only trustworthy and reputed sources online and hence it is imperative upon you to comprehensively research the background of an online store before you order Cannabis in UK from them.

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Is cannabis good or bad for your health?



San Francisco suspends cannabis tax online cannabis news. An ordinance suspending San Francisco’s Cannabis Business Tax was unanimously approved by city supervisors ,Tuesday to help dispensaries compete with illegal drug dealers. San Francisco Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, the ordinance’s author, said in a statement suspending the business tax on cannabis will help support legal cannabis retailers as they struggle to compete with illegal cannabis sellers.

According to Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, the legislation’s author, suspending the city business tax through Dec. 31, 2022, would help support legal cannabis retailers as they struggle to compete with illegally sold cannabis in the cannabis communities.

Furthermore, San Francisco voters approved the tax in Nov. 2018, which imposes a 1 percent to 5 percent citywide tax on gross receipts from cannabis businesses. The tax is set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

Cannabis businesses create good jobs for San Franciscans and provide safe, regulated products to their customers,” said Mandelman.“Sadly, the illegal market is flourishing by undercutting the prices of legal businesses, which is bad for our economy as illegal businesses pay no taxes while subjecting workers to dangerous conditions and consumers to dangerous products.,” Mandelman added. Now is not the time to impose a new tax on small businesses that are just getting established and trying to compete with illicit operators.”

Legal Cannabis dispensaries struggle to find financial support amid pandemic

Mandelman’s office attributted a December 2019 report from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office that found that increased state cannabis tax rates were directly linked to illegal cannabis sales, with a possible 10% increase to the State retail tax resulting in a 7-22% decrease in legal cannabis consumption.

In addition to the illegal sales, increased theft is also creating problems for cannabis retailers.

In 2016, State voters passed Proposition 64, legalizing adult cannabis use. Prop 64 established a 15% State excise tax on retail cannabis sales as well as a tax on cannabis cultivation.

Five years since the passage of the proposition, the State estimates that illegal market sales approach $8 billion annually in California — doubling the number of legal sales. The State is reporting close to 500 raids of illegal operations have been conducted this year.

Madelman’s further continued by saying “Cannabis businesses, along with many other retailers in San Francisco, are struggling under the weight of out-of-control retail theft,” . “San Francisco needs to do more to protect these businesses, their employees, and their customers before we hit them with a new tax.”

Cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco sees growth during the pandemic period.

Future plans to make sure the cannabis dispensaries witness further future growth.

Mandelman’s office says once legislation goes into effect, it will work with the City’s Controller, the Treasurer Tax Collector, the office of cannabis, and the cannabis oversight committee, to analyze data on cannabis business sales in San Francisco.

The group plans to present a set of recommendations on tax rate and provide structure to the Board of Supervisors to implement a new plan for 2023.

California’s cannabis taxes are smothering the legal market and allowing a dangerous, environmentally-destructive illegal market to flourish,” said Conor Johnston, co-owner of the City’s first social equity dispensary, Berner’s on Haight.

“ This is really impressive, a big Thank you to Supervisor Mandelman and his colleagues for doing what Sacramento and other legal cannabis communities has thus far failed to do – give legal cannabis businesses some room to breathe.” Category: cannabis news

Is Weed Addictive? What Causes Marijuana Addiction?

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Marijuana Addiction Information online Stonerssurplusshop. Marijuana Addiction can really be problematic for some of its users in most cannabis communities. Addiction in years back has been mostly popular with drugs like cocaine and alcohol, but it is possible to get hooked on marijuana. Marijuana addiction occurs when an individual use of the drug disrupts their daily activities, ability to get work completed, and relationship .This is commonly known as cannabis disorder by the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. This simply means you can’t stop using marijuana for the rest of your life even if you want to. Other signs of addiction include using more than intended, neglecting responsibility in favor of marijuana use , tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms.

Studies shows that about 4 million people struggled with marijuana addiction in 2014-2015 , and over 200,000 sought for its treatment in 2016-2017.


The National institute on drugs Abuse (NIDA) reports that 30% of people who use marijuana will develop problems with its use disorder. The following are signs of marijuana use disorder.

Signs of marijuana use disorder

. Firstly, the consumer will begin to need increasingly large doses of cannabis everyday
. Secondly, before they wake up, they will spend more of their time thinking of using the product
. Additionally, substances use will begin to take a central role in their life.
. Also, once addicted, the consumer will spend more of His/ Her money to acquire the product instead of acquiring some daily house needs.
. Furthermore, the consumer will become more arrogant if He run out of the cannabis! This is because it is already like medication to the consumers and without the product, they can’t laugh or play.
. As negative effects mount, they will continue to use and will deny claims to those around them that everything is cool because they have changed which exactly is not the truth.

To meet the criteria for a cannabis use disorder, a person must exhibit at least 2 of the above symptoms in highest a 10-11 months period.

The most common signs of cannabis use disorder experience by users in most cannabis communities are physical dependence and withdrawal.

Marijuana Dependence

We first of all focus on the dependence part of it . Most experts today agree that dependence on a substance is accompanied by a buildup of tolerance to that particular product, requiring increasingly larger amounts to get the same effects, thereby leading to withdrawal symptoms when the consumer stop using the product. Most marijuana smokers in nearly most cannabis communities experienced neither tolerance nor withdrawal.

Most research in to marijuana addiction revealed that marijuana use rarely produced tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. But with high quality cannabis strains today such as Peanut butter crunch strain, Golden Redwood Hemp flower, OG kush, Harlequin, and Bubba Kush, tolerance and withdrawal may be common. This is because the marijuana today is more powerful than the marijuana of 1960s containing higher levels of active ingredient delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , which is the psychoactive component in cannabis today.

However, it has been discovered that marijuana dependence may affect your ability to respond to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which allows humans to feel pleasure. It really proves that those who have marijuana dependence has fewer positive emotions, higher stress levels, and increased irritability.

Marijuana withdrawal

Recent research proves that tolerance does develop to THC and that withdrawal symptoms for real do occur in some people. Studies also shows that those who chronically used and then later quit from smoking marijuana experience the following withdrawal sides effects.

. Appetite loss
. Anxiety
. Excessive salivation
. Decreased pulse
. Irritability
. Increase mood swings and increase in aggressive behavior.

In most cases, it’s believed that because today’s bud is much more potent, it makes it more likely that some people will develop physiologic dependence on it.

Even if not physically or chemically dependent, on the cannabis consumption, some people will develop a psychological dependence upon the drug. This often persists despite a person knowing they have a dependence or wanting to quit from consuming cannabis.


They are lots of reasons which might causes someone to become dependent on marijuana. This doesn’t exactly mean that you will develop an addiction to marijuana if you experience one of these factors. Some of them include;


Marijuana today is not like marijuana of yesterday. Marijuana is made up of many high quality components such as delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) , which are sometimes very high to people who use marijuana. High THC is known as the substance that will make any consumer feel high while CBD only got or promotes only a feeling of relaxation.

Reports from the NIDA proves that the higher potency of marijuana available today in regard to it’s THC levels may actually be a great factor in the rising number of consumer causing a problem. This is because today’s weed actually contains more THC than in the past. Marijuana that is consumed from products that are made from marijuana extract such as solvent based oil, contains between 54% to about 80% THC which when consumed, cause some people to get more use to it rather than withdrawal.


The age people begin to smoke will also be a great factor that can influence marijuana addiction. Experts are finding a link between the age you begin using cannabis and the certain age that you would develop a dependence on it. One study found that people who used cannabis starting at the early age like from 14 years to 15 years, had a higher probability of developing dependence on marijuana. But on the other hand, people who starts by the age of 18 upwards will not really develop that same dependence on marijuana consumption. The probability is really low on their end.


A person who’s in to smoking marijuana all day has a great chance of developing dependence to it as compared to someone who smokes twice a month.


Mental health is one of the greatest reasons why some people in most cannabis communities are dependent on marijuana. The anxiety or depression disorder has cause some people to be more dependent on marijuana in trying to get self medication.


There are lots of side effects associated with cannabis use disorder . People more involved in may suffer from symptoms like; Low ability to control emotions, memory loss, difficult in decisions making, trouble concentrating and decrease problem solving skills.


People who abuse marijuana usually decide to seek for help sometimes when their use of it becomes more painful due to increasing negative consequences. Many who do seek treatment for abuse of marijuana do so due to pressure from their lovely family members, friends and employers. there are many types of treatment for cannabis use disorder. These include specific types of therapy.

Firstly, the motivational enhancement therapy will be of great help to anyone trying to quit dependent on marijuana. This focuses much on a person’s internal attitudes and believes. A therapist would help you to create statements that reflects why you want to stop using marijuana, and together you can create an action plan to quit.

Secondly, certain lifestyle changes may help you reduce or stop marijuana use. A good example will be a change of social environment. It can be more challenging to quit cannabis when those around you still use it. But if you change your friends type to deal only with those from environments where cannabis is not mustly used, then there is a great advantage of quitting it.

Additionally, to completely quit from cannabis , you will need to focus on the reasons why you want to quit: if you remind yourself of the reasons you want to quit cannabis, you might feel more motivated. Try noting some of the points somewhere like on a notebook then keep in your bedroom so you can see it everyday.


While most people in most cannabis communities do not develop an addiction, getting addicted to weed is possible! As such it will be advisable if you think any of your family member is addicted to marijuana to meet a doctor who will probably guide He/ She on the steps to take to stop the addiction.