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Welcome to #1 Great Britain on-line  Marijuana clinic for medical cannabis, Vape Oil Cartridges, Concentrates, Recreational Weed and Edibles. we tend to opened our doors in 2007 in metropolis, Great Britain with an easy mission: to deliver the most effective expertise for all European cannabis shoppers.

Stones Surplus shop marijuana business  started in early 2007 in metropolis, UK. throughout this era, we tend to believe that everybody deserves a cushty and assured cannabis expertise and intrinsically, we tend to fought arduous to place client education, safety and satisfaction. that is why we’ve had the foremost knowledgeable workers and stock the very best quality product in both our U.S and uk shops up until date. 

buy weed on-line stonerssurplusshop, In 2010 josh partnered with a gaggle of cannabis entrepreneurs in Canada , they both shared a vision and passion for the plants immense power. This led to the formation of stoners surplus marijuana dispensary


We want folks to know specifically what they’re buying and meet them where they’re after they come back to our store. whether or not you are a cannabis enthusiast or novice, stoners surplus marijuana dispensary may be a place that welcomes everybody.

buy weed on-line, we tend to have become the quickest growing and therefore the most trusty on-line cannabis clinic once it involves cannabis provides. 


Both our CA and Britain roots have given us the experience to fastidiously supply quality merchandise. All our merchandise from the past years up until date have forever meet state specific legal laws. once you return to stoners surplus marijuana dispensary, you recognize you are obtaining the simplest merchandise on the market.


When you walk out of stones surplus marijuana clinic on-line, you will leave authorised with the information of specifically what you bought and the way it’ll have an effect on you. It’s cannabis for you.

Our shipping is 100 percent safe and secured. we provide quick and free delivery or paving pickup service, and ar open every day of the week.

We ar famed for our nice choice of merchandise together with flower strains like peanut butter captain crunch strain, sour Diesel marijuana strain, ACDC strain, Banana Og strain, Harlequin marijuana strain, Edibles, CBD, Topicals, Vapes and Concentrates strains like sundae Driver persy Rosin, Chem persy Rosin and the Durban poison live resin. This on-line cannabis clinic is each recreational (+21) and medical too (+18).

We ar extremely excited to bring everything you recognize and love regarding stoners surplus marijuana clinic on-line to both Britain, united states and Europe as an entire. Stoners surplus marijuana on-line cannabis clinic could be a recreational clinic that serves adult ages eighteen and over.

QUESTION: who are we ?

We are unit similar to you- patients seniors, mothers, teachers, Doctors, lawyers, creative person and grandfather’s , all victimization cannabis in several ways that help to complement our lives. we tend to believe that with correct education and respect,  cannabis  can serve its positive and productive purpose to everyday lives. we tend to thus believe customers mustn’t got to guess and check what they’re shopping for. we tend to do the diligence all day for you all so you’ll specialize in your health and wellbeing wants.


All info, as well as however not restricted to text, graphics, and pictures contained on this website are unit for informational functions solely. No text, graphics, pictures or different materials on this website area unit supposed to be skilled medical recommendation. invariably look for the recommendation of your medical or different qualified health care supplier with any queries you will have concerning a medical condition or treatment before endeavor a brand new health care program, and ne’er disregard skilled medical recommendation due to one thing you have got viewed on this website.

What is Indica?

Indica strain are simply naturally high resin producers, meaning that you can count on lots of crystal coated buds from strains that falls under indica. Medical marijuana Consumers associate indicas with full body effects like heavy limbs. Indicas cannabis strains are also helpful in aiding relaxation and curbing symptoms of Insomnia. It also can ease stress while delivering euphoric high.


Some of the most common effects associated with indica strains include felling Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, and Euphoric.


Check our online store menu and try our favourite indica weed strains like Bubblegum strain, Cream Caramel Strain, master kush, Purple kush strain and purple monkey strain.

What is Sativa?

Sativa is a primary cannabis strain type known to be Energizing and cerebral. This strain by its consumers , noticed a tendency to produce a head High & and uplifting stimulating effects. Sativa cannabis strains are also helpful medically in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety and Many consumers in most cannabis communities enjoy Sativas to sharpen focus and boost creativity to get work done.


Common effects associated with this great Sativa strains include ; Uplifting, Happy, Euphoric, and energetic. These great Sativas Strain are commonly known as daytime strains , use for feeling productive, creative and focused.


Check out our online store menu to try out some of our great stoners Sativas selection. Some of which include ; sour Diesel marijuana strain, Lemon Thai strain, Lemon Haze strain, Green crack and Jack Herer strain.

What is Hybrid?

Hybrid cannabis strains are a blend of sativa and indica strains. Some of them are even mixes of both 50/50 , others are Sativa dominant strain or Indica dominant strain, each carrying characteristics of the parents strains.


Since Hybrid strains derived genetics from both Sativas and indicas, their ensuing effects can also pull up from both indica and Sativas strains. Common effects to some of these hybrid strains include Uplifting, happy, relaxing, energetic and euphoric.


Check out our online cannabis dispensary store  and try out some of our stoners favourite Hybrid strains. Some of which include; Banana Og strain, Do Si DOS marijuana strain, Mac 1 strain, Peanut butter captain crunch strain, Motorbreath strain, SFV OG kush and the Purple drank breath strain